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  1. 200mg of vit e has reduced my acne by 90% in a week

    Hey folks, I have tried everything for acne, and nothing seemed to work. I also constantly had greasy skin. Since starting Vit E, my skin stopped being greasy and my acne has reduced by about 90%. I can't believe how well this is working. I could see a difference immediately the day after starting. I have been on it for 2 and a half weeks now. I had cystic acne and normal acne. (I am female at 33 years old.)
  2. I feel ya! I have the same issue cept mine are hypopigmented and raised scars on my back. I was super embarrassed too initially, but then I found some people at clinics who I felt comfortable with and I realized that a lot of people have this issue and it's not just me and I don't have to be ashamed. I tried fraxel laser that has helped slightly. I notice my scars are blending in a bit more. I don't think there's a permanent fix to my type of scarring. But who knows they might invent somethin
  3. Hey all, My naturopath gave me some pills called Xiao Yan Wan for acne and I am in utter disbelief but they worked. I took 10 pills a day twice a day for 20 days. Anyone else had any luck with these? (I've tried everything including Accutane, Yasmin, antibiotics, herbal remedies etc. but nothing has ever worked this quickly.) I am going to start them again because my skin is still breaking out slightly but i've seen about a 60% improvement. I'm hoping they might be a permanent fix to my acne
  4. Why are there no ingredients listed on the Powderma website? Does anyone know what the ingredients are?