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  1. Going to try a whole new approach to healing my acne. i have tried everything from eating right to exercising, fasting, putting a bunch of products on my have they failed to work. i started thinking about it the other night: maybe, just maybe my acne isn't going away because i'm not letting it. sure i do all this stuff to help but i have it programed in my mind that "i'm going to have acne forever" "its never going to get better" "i'm so ugly" i know i'm not the only one who thinks like this.
  2. I get really inflamed acne on both sides of my cheeks and they hurt like hell. There the main ones that bother me because they leave scarring i get some acne on my chin too but those ones only leave red marks so it doesn't bother me as much.. The things i am doing currently is washing my face twice a day with cetaphil and mixing ceraVe moisturizer and 3-in-1 acne stress control and rubbing that on my face- then i put the clean and clear persa gel 10 spot treatment. it has done nothing really fo
  3. I really want to start accutane but i'm really scared i just turned 18 like a month ago and like you needamiracle, i have been trying everything and anything else to cure my acne. nothing has worked... i have read all the horror stories and they scare the HELL out of me... but it's kinda my last hope. the way i am living now, its pretty much like i'm dead. I stay in my house all day, lost a shit load of friends and won't even see my family because of my acne.and also have BDD (body dysmorphic d
  4. i have heard after taking accutane it will mess up you immune system and healing proscess for GOOD. This scares me considering i want to get a tattoo removed by laser in the future.... like 2 years after i get off the Accutane..i don't know what to do
  5. i just turned 18 and had medicaid i'm not sure if i still do. does medicaid last till 19 years of age or 18? i sure hope i wont need to pay, because if i do i'm pretty much fucked
  6. i'm pretty sure i have made up my mind and LaChesisyou are absolutely right. i'm getting on this medication one way or another. The only thing i'm worried about is my dermatologist shying away from it and being like "well we can try this...or this" (pretty much trying to sell me anything else but accutane) If she does i'm going to punch her in the face, not literally but yeah -__- This acne has fucked up my life for too long, i'm not taking "i don't think you need it" for an answer! Oh and
  7. As long as you don't get pregnant while taking accutane/a few months after taking it any potential children will not be affected whatsoever Holy crap, you don't know how happy that made me to read this... I thought it was a long term thing! i'm making a appointment with the dermatologist soon so i'll have a big list of questions for her.. I really hope she will give me the OK to get on the medication though. since i have tried everything else, she better. Lol i have seen pictures of people wi
  8. Thank you guys all for your comments and stories when it comes down to it acne is just a horrible thing we have to deal with and for some reason it just keeps coming back. Like i said i didn't even think this would cross my mind but after seeing all the success stories, it just sounds very nice to have clear skin for once... I'm sure there's a lot more of us that have lost friends, will do just about ANYTHING to stay in the house, because we think are faces look that bad. We pretty much eat, sle
  9. So a few days ago i talked to my mom about how i wanted to get on accutane yes, i have tired everything in the book that you can think of to get my acne under control stuff like doxycycline, retin-a, birth control..i have tried it all and nothing will clear my acne, it will work for about 2-3 months then my acne will come right back. The last thing i want to do is take accutane and it was in the back of my mind until a month ago. my acne is just the worst it has been in a long time and i can't t
  10. So i went to my dermatologist today, i have a port-wine stain on the left side of my cheek i am treating with the (pulse dye laser) I was talking to her about how i wasted to starting Derma-rolling/ derma- stamping for my red marks left by acne and some boxcar scarring i have on my cheeks that bug the sh*t out of me. She said she couldn't be be sure or really say if it would work or not, since it's not done by someone who went to schooling for it. (she pretty much said it sounded kind scechy)
  11. So whats the best for calming/helping acne? i was on the Genetic for YAZ but then stopped taking it because of all the scary sh*t i was hearing it could do. i do admit it did help my acne brake outs and mood swings though. so whats the next best thing? i'm not looking for a miracle, i just want to hear you guy's options on what you're taking and what has helped
  12. do you think derma stamp would be better for boxcar scares? i have some on the left side of my cheek. i also have red scares but i can deal with those. i just really want to make my boxcar scarring less noticeable. /:
  13. holy crap, thanks. lol i guess i'll just have to pay more money then i expected to get a good-quality product. sadly, that's how everything works. is there any links you can send me that comes with the whole package? but that's NOT a scam?
  14. I think I'm actually going to get this one- http://www.mcssl.com/SecureCart/ViewCart.aspx?mid=F1941D3A-C5E1-41FF-BBB9-BE2BB1853C72&sctoken=639b1b4343144c4880490c4bf39527ff&bhcp=1 Has anyone ever used this one? i think its nice since to comes with the dermaroller, vitamin rich cream, Multivitamins tablets and some anti bacterial whips its a whole great little package of goodies!! and i had no idea, derma-rolling was on the Rachael Ray show! lol
  15. it actually looks the exact same! Thank you! i just been reading all these things that can go wrong "make your skin look worse" IF you buy a cheapy. and that scares the living sh*t out of me lol
  16. @pursuit of happyness: do you think something like this would be okay? http://www.amazon.com/Body-Back-Company-Skin-Roller/dp/B004KNE2IO/ref=sr_1_32?ie=UTF8&qid=1331501355&sr=8-32 i would love to get the Dr. roller one, that's the best one (everyone's been saying) but i'm kinda on a budget
  17. i have mild boxcar and red scares on my cheeks. I been reading a lot about Dermarolling and thought i would give it a shot since i have a lot of time on my hands. I think I'm going to start off with the 1.5mm. so pretty much I'm asking: Where should i buy my dermaroller from? what Topical gels, cleansers, lotions should i use? (before and after) what Vitamins should i be taking while i do this? the Forums were seriously giving me a headache reading through all of them. i just need simp
  18. I have moderate acne, i get the little pimples but i also get cysts every here and there. about 2 months ago i was washing my face with tons of Benzoyl Peroxide and all that great stuff (being sarcastic) the overall health of my skin was horrible and you could tell when i put on foundation it was so dry and flaky, my skin was read like a tomato... i know i needed to change what i was putting on my face and putting in my body (eating) i started looking up "natural remedies" and seriously wrote d
  19. i have been using clean and clear facial cleanser, (its a orange liquid) plus eating a spoon of raw garlic everyday and my acne is clearing up like crazy! i'm so happy but i'm still dealing with red spots left behind from the acne, and very bad dryness... i have been using the acne.org moisturizer but it's not doing anything to help.. so pretty much when i put on make up my face looks awful because its all flack and dry.. i really need some help with this. because at the moment i have not been