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  1. I just got prescribed Clindamycin in the morning and Epiduo at night by my doctor. I was wondering if I can apply my moisturizer straight after each product, or do I have to wait a long time to apply my moisturizer. I was using Retin-A before and I had to wait an hour to apply my moisturizer after applying Retin-A because I didn't want my moisturizer to infer with the it. When I use over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide I apply it and wait a few seconds then apply my moisturizer, should I do it like
  2. well thats why i said something non medicated that removes dirt and oil and is ph balanced. maybe something with antibacterial properties would help. im about to try garden of wisom's tea tree oil fash wash. its ph balanced and would work well with my current exercise routine which involves bundling up like a snow man with a ski mask and then walking 2 miles every night. You want something that isnt going to leave a film and doesnt have SA as that can be over drying when using retin a; this is
  3. I'm currently using the Cetaphil Daily Facial cleanser, which I think is pretty gentle. I usually wait 20 minutes after washing my face to apply Retin A, and another 20 minutes to apply my Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. I started off following this guide: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/221818-tips-for-using-topical-retinoids/ I'm on week 3 right now, and experiencing some dryness on my chin area. But it's not too bad! When I first got on Retin A, I used it every single day for a
  4. Oh, ok. I have tried the Purpose Gentle Cleanser (the one reccomended on this website), but I feel it leaves a film over my skin, and I hate the packaging (it spills everywhere when traveling). That's why I just picked up Cetaphil because I just wanted a basic cleanser, but it contains parabens so I'm not sure if it's all that good. I usually wait about 20 min. before applying Tretinoin after washing my face, then I wait another 20 min. and apply a thick moisturizer at night.
  5. Sorry for the late reply! So, the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is acidic..? I was thinking of trying their gentle version, but I was thinking that the daily one was better for me because I fall in the normal to oily category. Thanks for the tip! I don't really like taking showers at night, but maybe washing my face and then steaming it can give me the same effect. I'm following the guidelines pinned in this board section, so I'm starting up again VERY slowly.
  6. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I decided to buy Complex 15 for now, but I couldn't find it in stores, so I will be ordering online. @SLSL I think I saw your review on MUA while looking for moisturizer choices haha. It makes sense to wash your face before, maybe I'll start doing that since my face is a greaseball by the time I excersice. @Howard2011Accutane my skin was better back when I used a soap, but then again it did have acne medication. I will think about buying that Dial soap when I
  7. Background Info (Skip if you like): I have oily skin that is dry at the same time . I wash my face with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser day and night. In between I wash my face with just water when I take a shower or exercise. I started using Retin-A a couple of so my skin is more flaky but the cream I'm using takes it away. I'm using the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, but it makes my skin VERY VERY VERY VERY greasy! I love how it's really moisturizing but I don't like the greasiness. I can li
  8. Hello, three weeks ago I went to my doctor for my mild acne, and acne scars (I have many blackheads on my nose, large pores, and shiny skin too). At that time I only had maybe 4 spots, and a whole lot of red marks from past acne. My doctor said my scars weren't deep, and they will go away with time. He then said he was going to prescribe me Retin A. He told me to wash my face with an acne cleanser, and use the Retin A .1% medication everyday. I recently bought the Cetaphil Daily Facial cleanser,