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  1. I remember when I was in 6th grade and my sister was in 8th grade, she started breaking out on her forehead. She was trying to get ready for school and she was really upset trying to cover up her breakout and I said something like..."my skin will never be that bad" thinking I would never have acne. I remember this because I felt really bad and then she told me to "just wait" and she was right haha. She grew out of it completely but now at 23 I'm still dealing with cystic acne. I got mine!
  2. Hello everyone, I just realized that the last time I ordered the regimen I made a mistake and ordered 3 bottles of the Bp! oops! silly me. Definitely not good for my credit card. I don't know how I missed that haha. Well, at least I will have them now. I was wondering if anyone has advice on storing if you order and try to stock up on the products. Should I put them in the freezer? Or will they be okay just sitting in my cupboard. I'd hate for them to go bad before I could use them. Any advic
  3. Just think about all the people in the audience who most likely also struggle with acne! You could definitely come up with jokes about it. Or just save them. Lots of comedians make fun of themselves and they also don't have perfect skin. I can think of a few famous faces right now and they have acne scars. It's going to be okay! THe best way to take control of how you feel is to make light of the issue. I know how you feel though, I really do. The anxiety and depression is the worst of it.
  4. I have those little bumps under my lip as well. I think I started noticing them in like 7th grade? I'm 22 now. They don't really seem to go away, but they bother me less and less because they aren't as noticeable you know? You definitely don't have cystic acne though as far as I can see in your pictures. It really doesn't look bad. What are you using on your face now? What does your diet consist of? Have you tried the regimen? That might be very helpful for you. I am on the regimen now and it he
  5. anybody anybody know what i'm talking about?
  6. I have been using bare minerals while on the regimen. I am also wondering if there is something better though. bare minerals has been fine for me and to spot cover i just use a q-tip and dab more bare minerals on the redness. it never seems to completely blend in with my skin though, but I also don't really press the brush very hard because i don't want more irritation! I think you should give bare minerals a try though, i have been using for over a year and i think (hope) it doesn't contribute
  7. Hello everyone, I started using the regimen around late January last year when it was still really cold and wintery out. It dried my skin out quite a bit but after about 2 months my skin had improved so much. I did the regimen every day twice a day. Once it started getting warmer out in the summer, around June, I stopped using the bp during the day because I didn't want sun damage when I would be outside swimming etc, and my skin stayed manageable and relatively clear. It didn't get worse, als
  8. I've been on the regimen for about 5 months as well and it has helped my skin so much too! it really looks so much better. i was also on yaz mostly for acne for about 4 months and since i was doing both the regimen and bc i wasn't sure what really helped but i think it was mostly the regimen. the birth control made me moody and gain weight in my things (ugh cellulite) so i went off of it about a month and a half ago. before the regimen i would get acne around my jaw before my period but now i do
  9. Hello! I have been using the regimen for about 2 1/2 months and so far I have had great success, still some breakouts but overall improvement for sure. I think I got a sun burn today on my walk to class because i forgot spf and it was very warm and sunny today. I did the regular routine with the regimen just a little while ago and it STINGS SO BAD. it hurts and burns like never before. I did not look burned when I got home. IS this what happens with the regimen when you get a sun burn? ouch it h
  10. Yes definitely drink a lot of water and wear your hair up! I have been in very similar situations and I completely understand your anxiety. I remember having to share a room with someone on trips like this and I had two roommates, one with perfect skin, and one with problem skin like mine. The difference between me and the other girl with problem skin is that she was not shy or ashamed and she had an incredibly positive attitude about everything, and everyone was quite fond of her as a result. I
  11. I just started using AHA a couple of days ago and the first time I used it it stung a lot and made my face pretty red, but only for maybe 15 minutes and then it calmed down. I did also use jojoba oil since I always moisturize with it, but I have used them both together since then and sometimes it stings, sometimes it doesn't. It's weird but maybe you just used more AHA than you thought or your skin was just particularly dry (or both). I don't think it has anything to do with the combination of t
  12. It is most frustrating! This week was very busy for me and I decided to just drink some coffee to get through it, and I don't think it had any effect on my skin! over the summer when I was drinking caffeine every day, I had few skin problems. I was still treating it every night for acne but it was under control. It's so hard to pin down the causes of these breakouts, but if you keep making changes it is likely that you will find something that works. Are you treating your skin with anything? I j
  13. I have wondered the same thing, since I have all three as well. It is actually best to treat the whole face the same. If you are using a topical, then you should spread the topical evenly over the entire area. This is what I am doing with BP now, but before I was using tazorac cream which really worked at first. For the average sized zits that have pus you could apply some extra topical that you are using. the little ones would do well with this as well, or you could use a sulfur mask or another
  14. HI! I am just wondering how long it typically takes to run out of one order of products. Sorry if this is posted somewhere really obvious and I missed it.
  15. It seems to me like you are very healthy and I have to tell you that my experience has been really similar to yours. My acne suddenly became much worse shortly after I moved to another country and into a new apartment with electric heating. I have NO idea if this is the reason for it, but I think sometimes changes like this can have an impact. Have you changed climates? This could have something to do with it, as well as changing weather because the skin has to go through changes along with the