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  1. *bump* I am having the same issue, I've been using BP for over a year now, and it's only in the last 2 months i've started to get a bumpy rash on my neck and collarbone area. I only get the rash when I use BP. I am loathe to stop because it's been the only thing that has cleared up my acne :/ Gah!
  2. I'm using E45 lotion which is really nice on my skin and doesn't look too oily. My best product that i have found so far though is 'Sainsbury's distilled witch hazel BPC' at £1.50 for a 200ml bottle. I use it as a cleanser before applying BP/Moisturiser and it's awesome. It takes off the dead flaky skin, removes all the dirt, and calms down the redness- My best find ever!
  3. Hi, i'm new to the regime- just started this week- and i have a suggestion for the dryness and flakes. I'm from the UK, and i've found in Sainsburys a bottle of 'Diluted witch hazel' for $1.50 (i don't have the stirling sign ) I've been using it throughout the day with a cotton pad, just light circles on my face and it's removing the flakes really well, and calming down the redness and dryness for a while http://4.bp.blogspot...Y/s1600/016.JPG < a pic of the bottle
  4. i'm 28. My Acne tends to get worse when i'm stressed but this tends to happen at least once a year (i've had panic attacks/anxiety for a long time now) so... i guess i'm gonna try and manage it as best i can!