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  1. Yes, obviously I'm not planning on smearing the lip balm all over my face, but a comedogenic product so close to my danger zone can still be an issue, even if its not in direct contact.
  2. I am prone to break out on my chin, so lip balm really frighten me. I been using this one from the health food store that is pretty much just jojoba, avocado oil, and beeswax. I'm pretty comfortable with using, but it is extremely greasy feeling, and shiny. I hate this, cause I'm a guy. I just bought neutrogenas natural brand of lip balm but have yet to use it. What's your guys opinion on this lip balm, or what do you guys use that don't break you out on the chin. Also, how do you feel on lanoli
  3. As in good amount of veggies and fruits, mostly leans meats, a TON of water, oatmeal every morning. I have minimal dairy, but that's not an issue for me. I am also cutting alcohol out of my life currently. I have been sober 8 days now and I have noticed my oily, red, dry skin is much improved.
  4. I'm really not interested in treatments like that. I tried almost all meds before but I feel more comfortable with just my face wash and moisturizer But see I already have a pretty good diet. I don't eat sugar or fried foods and I eat very healthily. I've already been down the road of trying to cut certain foods out of my life, and I drove myself crazy doing it.
  5. So i had severe acne on my chin and forehead all through high school. And over the last 3.5 years, it has been slowly getting better. I am happy to say that my forehead is completely clear and has been for a while. My chin is almost completely clear and all my pih has been clearing steadily. Even though I made smart choices in my life since high school, like controlling my stress and better eating, I attribute this clearing up to my growing out of it. The issue is that I just can't get past the
  6. Its foolish to think that we only feel bad about our acne because we are worried about what people think about us. I could care less what people think of me. I feel compelled to overcome my acne just to make myself happy and confident in my own life. It is true that life would be easier if we cared less about our appearance, but you have no right to downplay our issues. It makes people feel even more insecure when everyone around them is telling them to stop worrying about "small" things.
  7. http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/acne-plagued-teen-lands-spot-fashion-week-runway-170338881--abc-news-fashion-and-beauty.html
  8. So over the last three years i have about 99% grown out of my acne. If you measured all my issues by the amount of inflamed acne I had, I would be a pretty happy guy. The issue is that even though I dont really have inflamed pimples anymore, I still feel like I have skin like a pubescent teen. My skin is very shiny and skin tone is red and uneven. My nose is blotchy and still has large pores/black heads. My skin is always dry and the only time it feels "good" is for about two minutes after i was
  9. yes it moisturizes well and most likely will not break you out. But it made me look like I rubbed a stick of butter on my face. very shiny
  10. see you are talking about two different things: out growing acne, and acne getting better from not using BP. For me it was kind of both. I stopped using bp in high school because it just made my skin ungodly dry. Things did get better, but it was no cure. I had the un-curable "normal" teenage acne. I would have had it anyways. But i do think that there are more people out there that will do better on a simple regimine such as just face wash and moisturizer. As soon as I graduated, I noticed my
  11. Yes I think this is a subject that chin-acne-sufferers will worry about. I absolutely hate the dentist. I just had an appointment like 2 weeks ago. I got got absolutely torn up. My lips became red and raw, my chin got flaky and sore. It is just always a bad day when I have to go to the dentist.
  12. This is one of the hardest things i have to deal with. My family knows i dont eat sugary stuff, but they dont know that it goes as far as watching sugars in breads, spaghetti sauce, etc. I hate constantly acting like im not hungary or dont like certain foods so I dont have to eat it. This easter was hard; we had a brown sugar glazed ham and no one in my family understood why I didnt want to eat it. I know this is hard, but hold strong.
  13. Its just the type of acne you are cursed with. I had the same problem as you. Every pimple I got was guaranteed to come to a head and need popping. How old are you?
  14. we deffinitly get dependent on our skin products. I am going to try and ween myself off of moisturizers this summer.
  15. No other product has made me have an actual negative effect than cetaphil. Cetaphil cause me to get about 20-30 small but noticable whiteheads all on my chin, which is something Ive never experienced before. Dont know if it was the cleanser or the moisturizer because i started both at the same time. Cerave on the other hand, cleanser and moisturizer, is the best products ive ever used. You'll have to just decide on your own.