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  1. making us look bad on the outside and killng us all from the inside
  2. me too same situation ! because of my severe acne my girlfriend leaved me ...
  3. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhsGLP08q0dE1wW07t the man with no face.. PEOPLE HAW MATTER YOU SCARRING AND ACNE IS BAD !! just be thankful
  4. and BOYS ! what they have to do ! we also want to feel handsome & good loking
  5. we call it A FUCKING SCAR !
  6. If she's that superficial then you are far better off without her, honestly. you didnt see my face... I TURNED TO A FUCKING MONSTER ..ACNE IS EVRYWHERE IN MY FACE !!
  7. my story is the opposite man :'( i was in love with my girlfriend and she also .. but i got this horrible severe acne ! she told me one day ! that she broke out with me ! i told her to give me one reason to do that ! SHE SAD YOU HAVE ACNE & your not hot anymore .... damn i remembre that moment till today & that day i felt that my acne beated me ..
  8. your acne isnt that bad ! try to have acne like mine ! seeevereeeeee !!! and i lost evrything because of this shitty acne
  9. my friends ! from my nickname you'll know all the story ! trance music is the best ! i'm addicted to it! i feel so much better when i listen to trance
  10. yes I cry no because of acne ..... but because of the things that i lost because of my acne