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  1. Woops that was a mistake! I don't know why I have western in their, it should have been encompassing of world populous! I have scrubbed 200 years of the beginning of the Axial Age for a reason that is irrelevant but it does not change the premise of the time period. Axial age basically the pivot point in where human beings begin a global consciousness shift into deeper thinking and desire of understanding of all life in the cosmos. This period selected because it is information age of spiritua
  2. Any 'self help book' written by an author whom charges and mass produces and commercialises their works is doing the entire notion of self help a monstrous injustice. Most of the ideologies contained in these books are recycled and recycled and recycled from major western philosophy written works which first started appearing around 600BC - 200BC All these commercial books claiming too pertain amazing secrets of personal success and personal empowerment for individuals and make your drea
  3. Did you know.. out of all the light spectrum that reaches our eyes, only 1% is turned into the images we call our vision. The rest; 99% is filtered out through our optical nerves and the visual cortex part of our brains. So that means everything we think we see with our eyes we are only seeing 1% of the possible detail, so every time you look in the mirror you are only seeing 1% of yourself. For me that means if I see what I think is the worlds ugliest man, the worlds biggest pimple, or
  4. gasp! I never state love is imaginary! emotions are however... love is life, words cannot begin to describe actual love. (love common understood to be emotion/feeling but that is just that a word for an emotion/feeling) actual love.. well like I say it cannot be described, only known common usage/understanding of the english word love = not actual Love. This is something I have to work on communicating the difference, my apologies and thank you for bringing it to my attention. When I s
  5. Paul stated he sees it as negative. One day you will look back upon yourself as I have done and realise that love is not at all imaginary. Love will 'fix' yourself and will 'fix' others. Be at peace, love will find you, you can't hide from it forever. for the discussion
  6. Lets define something("gets something out of it") for the purpose of this discussion. Something: being a physical material, constructed of atoms (money, gold, silver etc) or The exchange of physical labor from one to another. A thought or feeling or emotion that one experiences when helping another person is not a something, it is constructed in the mind, and for all intents and purposes is completely imaginary. Once this fact is grasped you can understand what I intended to communicate in my fi
  7. Compensation for services rendered... Love is given freely my dear child, it cannot be accompanied by any compensation other than love*(which cannot be measured or valued or defined so it's not actually compensation*) However I do not disagree that 'their' reward is helping. Life is effort and hard work. Notice how I wrote nothing in return I guess you have misread or misunderstood that part. Please provide an example of this statement if you will. *I added this part so as you may understand
  8. hmm. maybe I am not being concise. My apologies. It is not a singular text that can be read that magically cures your ailments. However this method does include reading many different texts and books concerning varying subjects and ideologies. I will send you a PM.
  9. Carmex, Blistex, Vaseline, all contain petroleum. They work well, or so they seem.. however your lips will become so used to being so artificially 'moisturised' that they will stop producing their own moisture and when you stop using these petroleum based products your lips will most likely become as dry as the Sahara Desert!. This is a direct result of the petroleum which is obtained from the same chemical structure that is used to power most combustion engines.. (GASOLINE!) urghh! A good
  10. It's a method that requires lots of reading, lots of patience and 1-2 hours a day applying these methods to how you live your life. It is a method that changes your entire outlook to the way you live your life and the way you interact with yourself and other people. It is not for the faint-hearted, but it is not hard or difficult by any means. The problem with this method is that if you are not 100% determined it will fail completely. Thus I will only attempt to share these methods with persons
  11. it's putting your own piss on your face, isn't it? It is not my friend, lol. Admittedly once upon a time I tried this method for about a week. It did not go well.
  12. Opinion only* Therapy that requires a form of exchange for the services (be it dollars, favours, property) can help but it is not born from love, hence the very act of help is tainted and so it is to be less effective than it might have been. If one is to receive therapy from a source which requires nothing in return the chances of therapy being more effective is greatly improved. Thus self therapy is guaranteed to require nothing in return because it is service to self which is love. E
  13. Music of course is a type of meditation. Meditation. LOVE.


  15. I know one theory that you might not have considered. It is not popular, however, and you may have heard about it before and dismissed it as nonsense.