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  1. Hee guys, Yesterday I went to my dermatologist and when she saw my face, she was freaking out because it was really dry. And she said to immediately stop to use benzyl perioxide. I am just in the first week of the regime and my face is quite sensitive and the winter is not helping me at all! So what to do? Stick with the regime and even prepare myself for more dryness and flakiness or.. follow her advice and stop to use the products and only clean and moisturize a lot? Let me know wh
  2. Received my bottles! About to start yeahh!

  3. Feels like hiding

  4. Oke to make it clear for me (feel free to comment). Normally a woman cycle is about 28/30 days. So imagine you have your period at 1 january, then normally you ovulate around the 14/16 day. Then you start taking aleve 2x a day for maximum of 10 days?
  5. I woke up this morning, and I saw these blackheads on my forehead which were bothering me already quite a while. So, as you could guessed, I totally ruined my skin...

  6. Because tea tree oil has, at least in my case, irritating aspects. Quoted from Wikipedia: In the treatment of moderate common acne, topical application of 5% tea tree oil has shown an effect comparable to 5% benzoyl peroxide, albeit with slower onset of action. My dermatologist has kept a list of ingredients to avoid in any products for the skin and one of those ingredients is tea tree oil. Anyway, what might not work for me, could work for you
  7. In addition, to what has been stated here before. My dermatologist told me to cut down on milk related products, lessen the intake of carbohydrates, eat more healthy and exercise to get the stress out of me. So, those doctors and dermatologist who are keeping up with what research provides them nowadays, are aware of the fact that your diet has effect on acne.
  8. @ lightersUP, I break-out from tea tree oil, so I do not use it anymore
  9. Oke! Ja persoonlijk hoop ik dat ik nooit aan de Roaccutane hoef. Ik hoop in ieder geval dat het gaat werken bij je en dat de bijwerkingen beperkt blijven! Ik zal elke week mijn status updaten over hoe de regime mij bevalt
  10. Ukulala thanks for replying! Today I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me Differin gel as a preparation on the treatments I will get in about 4 weeks: ND Yag laser treatment (says to kill the acne bacteria and heat your skin so stuck sebum will get free access ) and IPL treatment in combination with Peeling based on salicylzuur, ofcourse not all together and only 2 as my insurance will not cover more. So before and after those treatments I hope I can get my acne under control
  11. Hi there! I am getting the hang of posting on this forum! Feel really lucky, I have found such a forum, full off people who experience the same and share their knowledge! Anyway, I have changed my diet about 2 weeks ago. Stopped with eating bread during the week, only when I am visiting my family during the weekends. Lots of vegetables, and fruits and nuts. Moreover, more than 3 liters of water a day, mostly herbs tea, no caffeine and I stopped with eating 86% dark chocolate, although I r
  12. Oke, kan ik hieruit aannemen dat je er mee bent gestopt? En werd je acne erger in de eerste maand of.. hoe moet ik dat zien?
  13. hee there! I am kind of new to this forum, but I am not new when it comes down on product testing. I recently bought Dan's regime kit (will arrive in 1-2 weeks or so), but after reading this I am doubting whether I should try it out, or should I try this washing with water only regime? Thanks in advance for any advice! Kind regards, Katja
  14. Beste landgenoten, Ik heb 3 dagen geleden voor het eerste Dan's producten gekocht, een aardig pakketje: 2x large kit van 16 oz. + AHA creme. Ik dacht laat ik het maar gelijk goed doen en maar 1x een hele boel verzendkosten betalen. Nu word er "international flate rate box (1-2weeks)" gebruikt voor verzending. Is er enige kans op dat het eerder aankomt? Alvast bedankt! Btw, hoe is jullie process met Dan's regime? Ik hoop dat de producten bij mij gaan werken, word die acne langzamerhand