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  1. DIDNT WORK -Dove Facial Wash -Clean and Clear -All Tea Tree facial cleanser -Garnier Pure SOMEHOW WORK ( still giving me some breakout ) -Avene Soapless Cleanser -Coal soap bar -Nivea cleanser -Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser But overall all these cleanser does not help me clear up... It just stop it from more breakout...
  2. Is baking soda the same with biconbonate of soda ? Does it taste salty?
  3. I have lots of blackheads at the nose area and some at foreheads.Do scrub really help? I apply salicylic acid after washing my face with coal tar soap. Heard that baking soda can get rid of blackheads,you might give it a try :-s Jux wondering is baking soda and bakin power the same? :-k
  4. Any recommended facial cleanser or soap bar ? My face is full with blackheads I do wash my face twice a dae with Avene Soapless Cleanser and tats does not help
  5. spot_suck I just wondering .. do you have any good result with pears soap bar?
  6. Cetaphil cleansing is so expersive here. . . about $11 i think? Is neutrogena soap bar any good?
  7. May I know where can i find AHA cream (which is glycolic acid) ? Wastons? Roundly how much ? :-s
  8. What regime you all using now? I'm using garnier pure cleanser .. But it don't help my acne... I think im going to try soap bar which i never use before on my face..Any recommended?
  9. I not sure that Neutrogena stuff available here..Have you gone to Watson? You might check it out there?
  10. My skin look very red(acne look more obvious) in cold places..Does it mean i have sensitive skin? Hundreds of blackhead on my nose, invisible pimples at forehead and cheek. # Morning : Wash with Nivea Visage Oil Regulating Foam. Applied Nixoderm(salicylic acid 2.5%).. Hardly used moisturizer Night : Wash with Nivea Visage Oil Regulating Foam Is there any wrong with my regimen?Bp is too expensive... :-s
  11. Anyone use this before? Ingredients: Water, Postassium Stearate,Postassium Mtristate,Propylene Glycol,Glycerin,Postassium Laurate,PEG-150,PEG-8,Glyceryl stearate,Beeswax,Sodium Methyl cocoyl Taurate, BHT ,Postassium Etidronate,Disodium EDTA , Aluminum Chorohydrate ,Frangance
  12. Hi peeps - I been tring dozens of products since past year.From Avene,Clear & Clear , J&J Top To Toe Wash , to Dove Cleanser etc.., all seem not working for me #-o L'oreal hydrafresh cleanser: It helps to cotrol those nasty bumps. Now,The only problem are blackheads and bumps. Anyone know how to get rid of blackheads especially? Does mask help? -zenith-What products you currently using? Moring: Currently using L'oreal hydrafresh cleanser(combination to oily) Apply Nixoderm(
  13. Heard that XIAN helps? Haven try it before.. but everyone seem to recommend this~! www.acne.bz It seem to be much cheaper than Proative
  14. I use oxy 5 before. It smell sucks ? I wash my face 2x per day. Hardly use SA,somehow not really big difference. Bp?I use 2 years ago.. so i forgot about the result :-s
  15. Is blackmores Blackhead Remover recommended? I can find it in S'pore. Is the cleanser good? 'benzac' 2.5% which is available here too, why all of you recommended this?