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  1. Yes completely normal. I was prescribed a long course of minocycline. Within two weeks of starting it- my face broke out so bad. Cystic acne and other bumps. Really though- it's truly an initial breakout stage your experiencing. After the 1-1.5 month mark...... You'll be rejoicing. Trust me!!!!!
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    I have only been on Acne.org a few days now but noticing that people ARE understanding the link between diet, wellness, a health lifestyle, and acne. They really are ALL connected. Acne is a sign from our bodies that 1) we are producing to much oil and it is coming out on our skin. 2) there are toxins within our bodies and it is coming out...on our face. Finding a healthy balance in what we eat..how we live and what we are putting on our face ALL makes a big difference. I understand
  3. The commenter hit the nail on the head. Diet has SO much to do with acne. Check out your diet and see how your eating on a regular basis. If your diet has a lot Of sugar, refined carbs, and caffeine ... Bam! Acne. I see how accutane can be beneficial but overall think about the severity of taking this?? So powerful in fact it can Cause birth defects. I'm not knocking it. I know it works for some people. But If your body REALLY took to side effects - talk to your doctor about other possib
  4. Thanks for that! I have been meaning to look into saw palmetto.yes yaz / yazmin are not good. My best friend DID have a stroke while on yaz so it's not safe stuff. What's your skin regimen now?or are you just using saw palmetto to combat acne?
  5. Hi all, I felt inspired to share on here. ONLY those who have dealt with skin issues knows how painful it can be physically, mentally, and emotionally. I certainly do. I took my crystal clear, perfect skin for granted. Here was my previous regimen, it's not uncommon, so many girls will relate, and it will clearly show how I set myself up for where I am now ( as far as my skin is concerned) -i was in the tanning beds five times a week, right around the age of 16. 9 times out of 10- I tanned wh