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  1. Why do you say you limit sugar? Your juiced vegetables have so much sugar you are probably eating more sugar than most people. I'm by no means saying your plan is unhealthy, I'm just saying that it is not low-sugar. Table sugar comes from plants like beets originally, don't forget! You still shouldn't have more than 30 g per day. If you were eating even more sugar before this, it is no surprise you benefited from this regime and certainly no surprise if your health was poor beforehand! One t
  2. I had this problem with 10% BP but not since I started using DK's brand. This indicates that it is dose-related, and perhaps simply using less during the day will help.
  3. It's not shiny if you only use two drops for dry patches. I put loads on at night so my face looks slick and oily. It feels lovely and soaks in while I'm reading in bed.