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  1. i too have struggled with oil, even now after the majority of my acne is gone! but yuk i still had shine--until i got this stuff called peter thomas roth antishine-- this stuff is GREAT--i got it from sephora, but its kind of expensive, like $35 for a little bottle, but a little goes a long way. now if i put this stuff on i dont get oily ALL DAY, i can put on a little makeup in the morning and be good to go all day, even GO OUT AT NIGHT and not fix my makeup. on the bottle it even says "suitab
  2. hmm sorry vita k didnt work for you! i also have VERY sensitive acne-prone skin and it was no problem!
  3. I am a dedicated vita k user--it works WONDERS--but the key is consistency and patience--nothing is a miracle overnight. Also, you dont need to put that much on at a time, just a very very thin layer, then its not so thick
  4. OK--I have found my holy grail for oily skin!!! Its by Peter Thomas Roth--and its a mattifier to put on before makeup--AND ITS NOT WHITE OR CAKEY!! and its doesnt ball up under makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! usually i get some greasies like 3 hours after I put on my makeup--today i put on my makeup and used this stuff in the morning--and at 2 am its still goin strong with no oil!!!!!!!!!!!! downside--its $35 dollars for a little bottle--but for me--well worth it!!!
  5. im on ur same meds exactly--benzaclin in great! use benzaclin ALL OVER your face in the morning (very important) but put a real thin layer, or it will dry white and flakey. at night put on the tazorac all over--do NOT use benzaclin and tazorac at the same time because they will neutralize eachother im doing this and im clear!
  6. I have tried ortho tri cylin with hopes of it being a miracle for acne--and it did not make it better or worse-but when I stopped it ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE--i got ACNE--which I had never had severely before. Thankfully ive now, a year later, balanced things out with spironolactone--which is GREAT. Ladies with hormonal acne--spironolactone is much better, and you are not pumping your body full of hormones everyday--gettin off of bcp is a horrible experience (and you know you are not gonna be on t
  7. i use benzaclin but have insurance (15 bucks!) but u could prolly buy it online for cheaper couldnt ya?
  8. ive heard NOTHING but bad things bout ideal balance too btw, hey those oil blotting sheets are AWESOME too--i like the clean and clear ones, they totally take off all ur oil and dont take off ur makeup! MAC blot powder works really well too, but i like to blot off oil before i use that so it doesnt get too cakey
  9. hmm sorry i dont know what the ingredient are! maybe mac.com? ne ways i have REALLY sensitive, acne/allergy prone skin and ive been using studiofix now since august and my skin has been fine with it
  10. I completely understand how everyone feels here on this board--Ive been struggling with mild/moderate acne since I was 10 years old (im 19 now), and benzamycin worked wonders for me for 6-7 years, and then STOPPED--and bcp messed my skin up even more--I would spend hours getting ready to go out just because I had to cover all the splotches I had, my skin had red marks, and was so blotchy, with these dry patches, and oily places--YUK. But what I have to say to all of you is _YOUR SKIN WILL GET B
  11. they dont mix it for you????????? thats weird--the pharmacist is supposed to mix it--ur not supposed to do ne thing--and if theres a white layer ur putting too much on, put like barely enough to cover ur skin--and then put on moisturizer. I like purpose bar soap (its the best thing ive found) and i use vita k as a moisturizer--im in california, and i got it at longs drugs--but I kno u can also order it over the internet, but im not sure where! (sorry) its like 10 bucks or something for a big bo
  12. hmm--ok lemme tell you--now im pretty much clear--but i was so annoyed with my acne that at one point I considered accutane. heres what I think--so benzamycin seemed to kind of work for you, and tazorac seemed to kind of work for you, rite? I think you should use both of them simulanteously! thats what I do--but I use benzaclin instead of benzamycin (i actually used benzamycin for like 7 years, but built up a resistance, benzaclin is practically the same thing, but u dont have to put it in the
  13. personally-tazorac is my miracle gel--im on the .05% gel also, but i think i didnt have that initial breakout because i had been on retin a micro for 9 months beforehand, and my skin was used to retinoids. Hmmm, but I would say give it the 12 weeks that they promise--dont give up too soon because tazorac at first brings all that bad stuff u had waiting in your skin up to the surface, and then later on you should be clear. THEN if you decide it doesnt work for you, then at least u gave it a rea
  14. i would DEFINITELY use benzoyl peroxide--and would try dans regimen--for me salicylic acid doesnt do shit--and for clogged pores try the Queen Helene Mint Julip Mask--its GREAT, and pulls all that bad stuff right out of your pores--and its cheap! its like $1.99 at almost any drugstore! it works better than those biore strips ne ways
  15. I am an avid fan of vita k--as ive said in many posts! I have almost clear skin right now--but have had moderate acne in the past--but I think that im just kind of pink and splotchy in complexion, and have old red marks--BUT with vita k my skin tone is not that red ne more! (and actually tan!), its very even, and my red marks are GONE--in like 2 weeks. Seriously this stuff has been fantastic for me--and its non-comedogenic--and from experience it doesnt make me break out--its actually a good m