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  1. From what I understand you are supposed to take doxy either 3 hours after or at least 1 hour before meals. And you should also avoid taking vitamins within 2 hours of taking the antibiotic. There is a faq available on this site's message board. Might also be a good idea to take a probiotic to counter balance the doxy. Good luck! Just started using my girlfriend's clindamycin phosphate lotion to spot treat and I love it. Almost instantly takes the fight out of an angry zit.
  2. I had to learn the hard way that while BP does help dry out zits at first it also makes your skin more sensitive and easily irritated with prolonged use. So I stopped using it along with acne cleansers and my problem skin is now looking amazing.
  3. I haven't had a zit form since I stopped using topicals and cleansers 3 weeks ago! I have also been purposely eating whatever the hell I want which has likely been bad for my overall health but with no negative effect on my skin one bit. So I believe the main culprit in my problem skin has been cleansers and topicals.
  4. Just found this thread on google, but I have been cleansing with jojoba oil for a while now and it has my skin looking amazing and beautiful. Might add castor oil to my regiment because I also heard its good for your hair as well as acne scars. I don't oil cleanse with the wash cloth though... I just rub the jojoba on my face, chest, shoulders, and hair then shower it off with warm water. I don't put on any OTC topicals or sunscreen... Instead I use acv/green tea toner and maybe some witch haze
  5. Anyone still trying this? Makes my stomach turn thinking about it but so did the smell of AVC at first.
  6. All of those creams and cleansers just wreak havoc on your skin's acid mantle. Cosmetic companies are just like drug dealers making you come back for stronger stuff once the product they sold you stops working. Its terrible because the same companies also sell you the hair product, tooth paste, and foods that can cause acne so theyre getting paid at both ends.
  7. I thought 2 months then someone told me cheese is dairy. Seriously, I did go 2 months and got clear with no purge, less inflammation lead to less break outs, less oil production, ect. Then I went on vacation to hawaii and ate dairy daily and stayed clear(thinking due to the weather/relaxation maybe) for two weeks ,but after being back in the mainland for a week broke out really bad continuing my diet of cheesy mexican or itallian food followed by lattes. Dairy taste so good... Decided to go anot
  8. Hey dude, before acting on these accutane advertisements disguised as replies to your post you might want to check out this thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/200636-accutane-erectile-dysfunction-guys-read-this/ Its what scared me from trying it out... Instead I got clear the all natural route and still STRONG LIKE BULL below the belt. Search ACV on google and these forums and it will change your life. Your acid mantle is out of wack by using all of those synthetic c
  9. Whenever I feel down about my skin I turn on ESPN for some Derick Rose, Kevin Durant, or Montey Ellis highlights to make me feel better. Kevin Durant is the best because here's a guy with maximum confidence but has some of the worse skin on television. I mean to be able to go to the free throw line with that face blaring and inflamed, knowing that ESPN or TNT or whoever has their High Definition camera focused on that punim-AND STILL knock down the shot like its nothing but work. He's my hero.
  10. I don't use a moisturizer... Just the ACV/green tea toner. You have to mess with the ratio a bit ... My skin is naturally oily and I believe this toner brings it down to a normal level. I also stopped using cleanser. Just shower with water... And wear a hat instead of using sunscreen when outside. Using alcohol free witchhazel or rosewater to mask the smell of the avc. Pretty much going all natural like an ancient Roman or Gaul in my skin routine has me feeling and looking clear. Red marks, sc
  11. Cetaphil used to break me out after shaving(got the idea from the regiment)... I just lightly massage some jojoba oil after shaving and then rinse it off in the shower. Then use 1 part ACV, 1 part witch hazel, with 3 parts pure Green Tea as a toner afterwards. I have been going the all natural routine for my skin for almost a month now to good results... no breakouts since starting it.
  12. Was thinking about switching it up and doing 50% Coconut water(zico %100 natural) with 50% AVC... Might not mix very well due to coconut water not being acidic, but still gonna try it out because I always heard using coconut water on ones face is good on acne scars and anti aging.
  13. I do the same thing and it works fine... I also put on clean & clear dual action moisture with 2% SA after the ACV toner and its working good so far. Use a good non com sunscreen or wear a hat if you're going to be out in the sun though.
  14. Google pacific shaving company. It will change your life.
  15. PatrickParker

    Cheap. Faded acne scars on face in a week and is starting to fade old keloids from chest zits. Incredibly bad smell. Might not interact well with other products. Did I mention the stank? This stuff is good, but the smell is almost unbearable. I mean I'm already self conscious about my skin and NOW I gotta deal with this funk as well! So I started to apply rosewater spray with a couple drops of tea tree oil added to it afterwards to counter the smell and inflammation. I use a 50/50 mix of ACV and