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  1. Give it time, after a dermabrassion your skin will take a while to heal. Think in terms of six to seven months, not weeks.
  2. Oh! Another thing, avoid dairy products and stay out of the sun as much as possible. Sweets. I'm not sure but my system can't deal with eggs, milk, ice-cream, yogurt, cheese, in fact any dairy product. In my coffee or tea I use powder milk. I would recommend sweet potatoes and carrots raw on a daily basis, they are full of the type of vitamins that are good for your skin. And, drink a few glass of water every day. Works for me and I have been a l o n g time sufferer of acne.
  3. You should see a plastic surgeon and have a dermabrasion done on your nose. If the doctor is worth anything, you should end up with 50% improvement. I tried a series of operations not to take too much off at the time. I find you get better results this way.
  4. My skin is very light and will burn easily in the sun. For years I neglected acne outbust and my nose was infected often. Last year I decided to ask a surgeon (not a plastic surgeon) to remove vains on my nose which were showing too much for my liking and do whatever he could with the scars. He did two procedures over a period of three months but used a lazer. The vains dissapeared but the demabrasion was not done to my satisfaction. It looked like someone had worked on the nose and b
  5. I have a neurological disease. Some of the prescribtions used to control the symtoms are the very drugs which may cause the syndrome. These are SSIR's, and neuroleptics. For this reason I won't take any SSIR's or neuroleptics but stick to benzos. At the moment I am on Clonazepam. I think there is a connection between any of the aformentioned and acne/skin condition. [Edited link out]
  6. Dr. Alphonso Gomez, Plastic Surgeon, has an excellent reputation and some of the operations he has done are next to miraculous. Unfortunately his office is not in Montreal but in Bathurt, N. B. I had two demabrasions last year and was not satisfied with the results. My wife introduced me to Dr. Gomez and he agreed to do a corrective procedure. He is very efficient and I am satisfied with the results.
  7. Amazing improvement! Congratulations. Washing, I have experienced, is not painful when your careful. Wash off the petroleum jelly daily with luke warm water (if that's what your doctor recommended) gently.
  8. Recently had dermabrasion procedure done on my nose. I was probably expecting too much improvement but there are still scars (ice pick) left and I am considering asking my doctor to do it over again. The operation was painless. I was asleep during the operation and they injected a local anesthetic before waking up from the general anesthesia. I am wondering, how many precedure (demabrasions) you would consider safe? Or, does it depend on how much skin is taken off each time. From wh
  9. Used to live in Montreal but now reside in the maritime provinces.