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  1. What kind of skin problems did you have? Did you end up getting worse skin than before the process?
  2. Thank you for your advice. I think I will purchase the Travel size off of ebay since it is so expensive. Hopefully this will last me 2-3 months. Do you think the Sunfader (with 4% hydroquinone) is significiant in the treatment? Because the travel size does not come with it. Anyway, once I get these products, I will be sure to update on how my Obagi cycle is going. I hope I can wear makeup that will be sure to cover the redness well...
  3. how long did it take for you to see results and wont the initial breakouts and red skin leave more redness and scars?
  4. Anyone have any experience with Obagi? I have alot of red hyperpigmentation and some shallow/moderate pit scars or scarred pores, and few minor breakouts. I was wondering if this Obagi system works well...anyone? Thank you for your advices.
  5. What kind of skin did you have? Did Obagi help you with your red marks and some shallow pit scars? I have alot of really red hyperpigmentation and some scars, and a few minor acne. Do you have before/after pictures??
  6. I am trying to decide on buying Clarity-C or a Creme de La Mer brand (like the actually Creme, or Concentrate or Face Serum)..... they are both drastically different brands, especially when it comes to the price. But I am getting desperate to fade my reddish and brown acne marks that have been there for about 5 years...now I am 22, with fair asian skin thats bombarded with all these red marks and some pitlike scar too i think. I hope anyone knows any advice, or has used any of these creams? W
  7. Ok, I thought I found my HG mineral makeup with JLynne and Cory, but now I have an even higher quota of MMU...because VeggieGrl's minerals are absolutely the best I've ever tried!!! At first I thought the samples were not enough, and needed more coverage, but I discovered that it just takes a while for the minerals to blend into the skin and cover the redness naturally... it does take a little patience to apply, but hey, what mineral makeup doesnt? I really love the coverage, the colors, the nat
  8. So I should forget peels and just do microdermabrasion?? Sorry for my bombardment of questions...
  9. Ditto. Don't do a TCA peel just yet. I know its hard but be patient. I am in the same boat as you, but worse. Tca peels cause acne in most people. If you want to do a peel do a salacylic acid peel - it helps with acne and tone. Good luck. mz43026, I saw your pictures, and I noticed I have some similar pits like yours or scarred pores. You said your skin worsened from the TCA?? I guess I'll hold off on the TCA peel 12.5% then thanks everyone. Which Salicylic acid peel % do y
  10. Actually my skin used to be worse than these pictures But I've noticed in the past couple of weeks how my scars have softened a bit and lessened in redness as I used a regime of (morning and night): Glycolic Acid Pad 10%/ SA 2% (but rinse it off after) Aloe Vera (Aloenne Massage Gel) Supercop 2x Emu Oil (I think after I tried this in conjunction with CP2x I've noticed an actual change) What are power peels? And what level do you recommend? Do you think TCA peels are the right way to go? I hear
  11. I am currently using Lactic Acid 40% and Supercop 2x. I have never tried a TCA peel, but think I want to give it a shot, so I just ordered a TCA 12.5% peel... I hope I am going in the right direction with this... And although these might look like acne marks, Ive had them for almost 7 years (I'm 22), and in the digi pictures, the icepicks appear softer since the lighting was dim and the camera is not as good quality. The acne scars might not look noticeable on picture since there are not really
  12. I no longer break out as much, only to a very minor degree. But I have several indented, pitted icepick scars, still kinda reddish brown too. Any advice to improve my acne scars please??? thank you!
  13. can i try your samples too to cover my acne scars thanks!
  14. Thanks for the advices! I dont think ill be wasting my money on La Mer anymore and will stick to my Copper Peptide, glycolic acid and emu oil regime instead.
  15. Does La Mer Concentrate work on indented, pitted scars? I've also heard good things about Creme de la mer, that miracle cream that all the stars use and live by. The price tag for these products are quite hefty, Concentrate being about $325 and Creme de la mer around $125, but I am willing to work more and fork over the money if they are beneficial for my scarred skin. Anybody have had any beneficial results from La Mer??
  16. hmm on the first day i put on SCx2 i felt a slight tingling, but after a few nights of this stuff...i just put on a thin layer of about 3/4 size of a dime...i don't feel any sensation on my skin. i exfoliate with that neutrogena acne fading peel (2% SA) before i put on the SCx2 too. Should i put on a stronger peel so that i can feel it working?? if so, wut do u recommend...? i have several indented, icepick type scars, and i thought i had sensitive skin but apparently i dont feel much with SCx2
  17. whoa 50% salicylic and 85% lactic peels? that sounds like a lot of damage to the skin..but i guess that should help the collagen reproduce itself...thanx for your advice and GOOD LUCK!!! godspeed!
  18. i got my Super Cop x2 in a jiffy, and have tried it on for a couple nites. so far i noticed that it accentuated my scars deeper it seems like...i guess that's suppose to be the cream breaking up the scars. i heard that its suppose to work like that...at first make the scars come out more, and then within a few wks it will make the skin tighter? so i should just continue this for a month and stop do you think? to give my skin a break... i dont use any AHA products though, so should i have to? i
  19. i use the difficult to budge foundation and powders too, so my routine is Estee Lauder Total Makeup Remover <im sure any of these makeup removers with oil base to it are fine too>, and then this soap cleanser called Oripan soap <its a Korean brand but its like a white herbal soap> that does the trick for me...u can probably search for it online if you're interested.
  20. revlon colorstay didnt cause me to breakout and it stays on hold for a long time. in fact some ppl say it wont budge, but i really dont find it that hard to remove. just use a regular oily makeup remover and good cleanser and wala! all gone...id say revlon is useful as the main coverup foundation... but yea, then i use jlynne mineral foundation powder over it, since i assume minerals aren't as bad for the skin either, and they have natural SPF in it too. and this is useful for covering any redne
  21. i use revlon colorstay foundation and jlynne minerals
  22. which peel is best for indented, pitted, ice pick type scars? glycolic, lactic, tca, a peel, etc?? i just did a lactic peel (40%), and it appeared to make my scars even more profound and noticeable...(T__T) any advice would be much appreciated!!!
  23. i just ordered Super Cop 2x, but i was wondering if i can use this with Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5 (using Proactiv) to control my acne?
  24. wasted away more than $1000 bucks on this...didn't really notice that much of a difference to my indented scars even thought i did 5 treatments...