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  1. MsBubbleTea, Do you have any updates on your treatment with Lutronic Infini since it’s been about a week? Do you feel that your acne scars have improved or do you just see holes all over your face and still redness post-treatment? I am thinking of getting this done myself as I’ve done fraxel several times in my past over several years with some improvement.
  2. I am actually maturing thru my acne stage and dealing more with the after scars...boxcars, icepicks that are still kinda red and prominent. My icepicks and boxcars are so numerous on my cheeks, I can't count them, and I've had them for almost 10 years. Wut procedure or regime would you recommend for my light asian (korean) scarred skin?
  3. fraxel, thank you for your recommendation in the dr. i emailed him and am currently awaiting his reply. i pray that there is hope for us all who suffer through these painstaking skin problems. i dont know what is worse, to have many small scars coagulated or to have one large scar as the focal point...
  4. vicky83

    present scars

    just call me desperate.
  5. tkefsc, who is your doctor? most of my icepicks are not too deep, but i have such a numerous amount...i dunno how long it will take for the downtime. and how large are the bumps you explained earlier? do they diminish over time or until i dermabrase them? thank you so much for replying...
  6. I have ice pick and boxcar scars...an innumerable, uncountable amount predominantly on my cheeks, and I have really pale Korean skin, so the red spotted and pitted scars stand out excessively. They are about 1-3 mm in diameter and I have an countless amount of scarred pores all over too, my nose and cheeks... I need desperate help with a good doctor you’d recommend that is located around South Bay, LA, or even OC area...Please help me, I’ve had these scars for almost 10 years and I am losin
  7. Hi everyone, I am Korean, so I have light, yellow undertone skin, but I wanted to try out this Joppa line. Any of you experienced Joppa fanatics know which mineral foundation color I would come closest to?? I have photos in my album u can see too with ugly red blemishes that I need help in covering up. Please help me thank you!
  8. is rose hip oil a good source of fresh vit c?
  9. i read how it is useless to apply to the skin and others live by it...i am confused too. i am wondering if i shuold just put on rose hip oil or this hyaluronic acid?
  10. is hyaluronic acid good to use on the skin?
  11. What topical regimen do you use during your TCA cross treatments? Is the "do nothing" regimen best for healing? or do u recommend things like neosporin, copper peptides, retin-a, rose hip oil, emu oil, etc, for the whole month in between crosses? thank u for any advices!!
  12. i will keep all this good stuff in mind, and just wait some months since i guess i have nothing to lose..just pray that my skin doesn't get worse though... and be sure definitely to neveeer do any more facial peels or anything aggressive to my skin while im doing my TCA treatments, after making that blasted mistake... so far after about 2 tca crosses and 3 wks...by scars look more noticeable. BUT they do look a tad lil bit less discolored, because they were quiet red before. No Vicky, you
  13. i am 22 years old... uhoh i am soo stupid...i just did a charcoal peeling mask on my skin last nite and it really irritated my newly sensitive skin.... now my scabs look more hideous than ever as it ripped off my skin cells probably. i am soooo stupid!!! i guess TCA wasn't meant to be...and i have lost this game of patience. i should just give up and go hide in the corner for the rest of my life... Do you mind if i ask your age? Most "young people" [lets say under 30] should be fully healed
  14. Vicky, I can't make any "promises" but from your description it sounds exactly like it was for almost everybody else who did it. With a few exceptions, almost everybody said they looked worse until 3-4 weeks after cross and then started "filling in". Don't despair. thank u HopeSprings. your reply has gave me a lil bit more motivation to go on a couple more wks with patience... TCA sure seems like a game of patience. do u think it is ok to put on retin-a in the morning and supercop at n