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  1. Evening all! So it's been a month and a bit give or take and I'd just thought I'd share some news on progress etc... The first two or three weeks I didn't see any real improvement, I was still waking up to new spots and my skin still felt severely aggravated and painful to the touch. However, within the the past two weeks I am actually beginning to see some progress hurrah! My spots on my cheeks are no longer cystic and painful, they're mainly scabs and scarring. However, I have been experie
  2. Makeup is a definite security blanket, it's simply us staying in our comfort zones haha! I'm sorry to hear that you're going through that, it's the worst when your acne is really getting you down. But don't let it get to you, everyone goes through it. I know that sounds like absolute crap because it's totally different when you're experiencing it now, but just remember keep your chin up and keep smiling! If you're feeling down just try to spend time with some friends or family, I know being
  3. Evening all! After a week, there hasn't been really much progress I must say, though I didn't really expect any until the one month flagpost anyway, you can't blame an impatient girl for being optimistic. I welcomed two new large friends to the party on my right cheek yesterday, just fantastic. At least they aren't as painful as the angry red surface that is the very bottom of both of my cheeks. It seems fate has decided that the red of my skin will really make my blue eyes 'pop.' I think
  4. Evening all! I figured I would blog as often as I could, so as I have some time to spare, why not fill you in on my day to day skin routine and how I help myself with the big issue of self confidence. Sadly enough, not everyone has bags of confidence and I'm incredibly jealous of those lucky sods who do! In order to give myself that little boost I do what most girls and women do, use makeup. You're probably all screaming at your computer/laptop right now, 'stupid girl it'll only make her acne
  5. Thankyou for the lovely comment, much appreciated!
  6. First of all, a big hello to anyone who chooses to come along on this journey with me! I suppose I should start with a little low down of my credentials, a little get to know me... my name's Lee-Anna, I'm seventeen years old and am a long sufferer of acne. Obviously. Having tried everything in the book, from antibacterial face washes to antibiotics and extensive creams, masks and toners I feel as though I'm reaching the end of my tether! So, I've decided to document my journey through both ph