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  1. I have been taking OTC for a while and I am clear, now I was given Tri-Sprintec generic and I was scared of breaking out.. Has anyone ever tried both and been better off with one or the other??
  2. I swear by Proactive minus the toner. I use DDF glycolic toner instead. I am clear!! and been clear for about 8 months : ) All of my friends use proactive and love it! Try it
  3. All of my friends use proactive and so do I. I use the system minus the toner. I use DDF glycolic toner, which is way better then Proactives toner. I am crystal clear. I had mild-moderate acne. I dont believe that things that stop working, I dont know A lot of people have been saying that about proactive. I think that normally bodies go through hormonal imbalances at times and people break out.
  4. If you are up to it, Try Proactive renewing cleanser and DDF glycolic toner, and Proactive Renewing lotion0 I swear by this regimen! You can get DDF glycolic toner at Sephora
  5. YES I swear by proactive without the toner though! I use DDF glycolic toner instead but I do the other two steps. I would ditch the toner because to me that is the culprit of why the system doesnt work for people. If you look at the ingredients of the toner it has dyes in it, which is terrible for acne prone skin. I swear by DDF glycolic toner I can not live without it. You can buy it at Sephora, Co bigelows, or Nordstrom. So basically use the Proactive minus the toner.- Good luck - Works for me
  6. Ok! Here is my regimen and I am 100 percent clear, my acne was similar to yours. Dump the Proactive TONER! Use The Cleanser, DDF glycolic Toner and Proactive Repairing lotion I also use the Oil Free Moistrizing lotion as well. So basically stick with the Proactive just replace the toner with DDF. I used to use Proactive with their toner and I stopped using it because it didnt work for me. Now 5 years later I can uise proactive with DDF glycolic toner. You get it at Sephoras, Nordstroms or Co bi
  7. Glycolic acid. Try DDF glycolic toner, I swear by it! You can get it at Nordstroms or Co Bigelows or Sephora
  8. Ok I have been taking Ortho Tri Cyclen for about 6 months now and I am clear, yep it seems that my acne was hormonal. Anyway I went to the doctor today and he gave me free packets of Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, which is basically the same pill, but Ortho Tri Cyclen has a higher estrogen level ( 10 gms) higher then Lo? I want to take advantage of the free pills, but I dont want my face to break out again. However they are basically the same pill the only difference is the estrogen amount??
  9. I use Proactive as well, and I am clear. However I use DDF toner instead of Proactive's. I want to start using the Oil Free Moisterizer, is anyone using it?
  10. I have been using DDF Toner everyday twice a day for about 4 months now. My face is clear I have about two pimples every now and then. It works wonders, but you have to give it time, when I first began to use it someone on here told me you will breakout for 2-weeks, and will begin seeing results after. It is Great I recommend it to everybody I swear by it!
  11. Get DDF toner and stick with it!, I have been using it for about 4 month now, and my face looks really good, I can go out in public without makeup on now.
  12. I personally favor Basis Sensitive Skin Bar, Purpose worked ok, but dried my face out, and eventually I got clogged pores.. Now I use Proactive, with DDF Glycolic toner, I am clear
  13. I have mild-moderate acne, I used to have moderate but my acne is more hormanal related. As far as it stops working, I really think that people freak out when they see one or two pimples, breathe and just continue to use it and I think that it will continue to work. However I use DDF toner instead of the Proctive toner, so maybe the toner is the culprit, I had a thread about this a while back... I really think that it is the toner that causes people to break out, because I used to use the cleans
  14. Hey I have been using Proactive with good results, I have a appt with the derm soon and i was thinking about asking for Triaz cleanser, has anyone used this with good results??
  15. Yea I am telling everybody the toner is the culprit, because I remember when I used it in highschool, it was like clear skin up until a month then I broke out like crazy, and I remember saying that I thouht it was that damn toner because everything else was NICE! so this time instead of using both the Bp and cleanser I decided to exeriment first.. First I incorporated the cleanser and within a week I seen results then I said what the hell why not do the lotion, and now I am pratically 98% clear.