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  1. Yeah your just an Ectomorph but it would still be kinda hard to be on that diet when weighlifting ect.
  2. Can you order this stuff online without a doctors prescription? If so do you know any places in Canada to get it from?
  3. Which do you guys think i should use along with Doxycycline?
  4. AcnePiglet, I swear, if you don't shut the fuck up, I'll finger-fuck your eye sockets, get a bowling ball grip on your pumpkin head, and throw you back into the gutter where you belong.
  5. Hey this mind be a stupid question but does creatine have any effect on acne?
  6. Yeah stop eating bread and muffins ect and you will see a huge diff. And by the way if your concerned you dont get enough protein ect just buy supploements.
  7. Is it hust me or does acne look worse on darker skin?
  8. I was wondering if coarse facial hair helps stop acne. Cause i used to get acne where my sideburns are now and since growing facial hair there I get not even one zits. And where I don't have coarse or no hairs i still get acne around the mouth.
  9. give some examples off high refined foods? I don't know what they are.
  10. I dont get this. I use like 2 1/2 finger of bp on my whole face and yet still manage to pop up 5-7 whiteheads a night.
  11. thats what im talking about i just get whitheads near the corners on both sides of my mouth. I wonder why that is?
  12. Even though i do the regimen right on i still get 3-5 whiteheads every day. Would this be considered sever acne since i get new ones everyday? I have tried tetra is just turns your skin yellow and does nothing to stop acne what should i do im so pissed off.
  13. kind of unrelated nut dont ever miss one application of the regimen. I missed a day and got some little whiteheads, not a big deal but it pisses me off when your on a progressive clear face and then u get set back a little.
  14. no i have not used any of the others in your last post i have noticed too it leaves ur face a little greasy and shiny so i try to use as little as possible.
  15. yeah it does my back is a soft as a babies ass now. What i noticed though is that tetracyline has helped me not get pimples that leave red marks behind just little whitheads on the face. So i use the regimen to cure this problem on the face.
  16. 10% is too strong for the face. Find some 2.5% and you will be much better of.
  17. Im using Cetaphil® Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 with Parsol® 1789 and i like it a lot.
  18. So u guys just wash your hands with soap and then rinse them off and wash your face with just plain water?
  19. is it common to have a initial bigger then norm breakout when starting on tetracycline or minocycline?
  20. Ok can you guys tell me a good moisturizer that doesn't ball up with Bp. I dont wanna go buy one and waste my money on one that wont work.
  21. Can Tetrocycline or salacic make your skin oilier?
  22. wash - normal Irish Spring green soap. Bp- Oxy 5 (2.5%) Lotion. They dont sell neutrogena on the spot here. Moisturizer - Nivea For Men with Vitamin E and Aloe. Ok Im going to try these, any suggestions or advice would be great.
  23. I have been on tetra for like 2 weeks now and before i went on it i got like 3-5 whiteheads a day now i get like 30 - 40 really small ones all over? Wtf is going on.
  24. I take 4 a day. 2 in morning and 2 in evening. Whiteheads are zits with a white looking top.