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  1. I just had my first TCA Cross on my nose and a punch excision for a dilated pore.
  2. @beautifulambition sorry to bother you again. I can't find the video you suggested.
  3. Back in the 1970s the doctor used a special light and also used a device to do something to the acne. Almost like opening the pores. I don't know if he made is worse or caused scars. I also took antibiotics. Remembering it now brings back the pain. If it happened today I would take accutane. This is why I am so upset when my teen had traxe of body acne. But nowhere near as bad as I had it. The doctor gave my teen skin medication and wants to see her/him again soon to determine if accutane s
  4. I was traumatized with horrendous acne on my chest and back from the 1970s and 1980s. Today I saw just how bad those scars are. Thank God the scars on my face are nowhere near as bad as the scars left on my back. Is there any plastic surgery procedures that can help smooth out deep ice pick scars on the back? Some even go up to my neckline which I never realized until today. The photo I am attaching is not very good. The scars are much deeper and wider. Thanks for your help.
  5. If I had microneedling done how long a wait time does it take to go to an event, say a wedding, or back to work? I guess I should really quit smoking first, right? Hope to get a response. Thanks
  6. How do you like the results of your scar procedures?
  7. Has anyone seen improvement to their scars even under angle light where once the scars stood out?
  8. I will want to get a Derminator. But I know my wife will want to use it too. Do they have two sets of need tips that we can both use separately?
  9. I will have to go back for the subcision follow ups. Can anyone provide a link for the best Derminator? Thanks for your feedback.
  10. I just learned about the Derminator here tonight. Is this a good procedure that is taking over for the dermaroller? I had one subcision with prp. It worked pretty well on one scar. I am supposed to get 4 more but I haven't yet because I don't want my significant other harping on me. lol Is a Derminator something, that if used at home over a series of months and even years something that can help acne scars?
  11. Thanks for your post. Are there any drawbacks from using accutane?
  12. Should I get my teenager on some sort of antibiotic treatment for small break outs on the face?
  13. I have a good suction device. Should suctioning be done after TCA Cross? How about just in general after no scar treatment?
  14. ha ha ha a woman just said "I am so handsome" on facebook... right after I posted what I wrote above. LOL
  15. Thank you for your courage and amazing story! Perhaps I will read on of the books you suggested. Thank you for your feedback. I have tried anti-anxiety medications years ago. Now I know a good night' sleep does the best for me. I am going to see my counselor this week. I will bring up my BDD feelings to him. HEY bro or sis but don't worry i think everyone does to certain extent so your not alone ...... best of luck Thank you very much man. On Facebook I usually get "oh you look so goo