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  1. masturbation does cause acne, follow this thread here, http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/275132-masturbation-acne-experiement-2010-2011-2012/page__st__2120 here is why http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3907369 its messes up the immune system, the nervous system, and hormones in some people, including myself (sex for me does anyways). your sex organs are glands, not muscles, you should only be ejaculating based on your natural cycle (how long it takes your body to wet
  2. I love that cute little elf. Even though the Caveman is helping her, it's far from the only thing that's keeping her clear. Her diet plays a big role, and her skin does get worse when she strays from it, Caveman or not. Everybody, check out her blog if you haven't, she has tried a lot of different things for her skin. Elvin indeed, and she has been very successful with the caveman regimen, she feels it has been the best thing for her skin, as she says she will continue to do it for the rest of
  3. you need to allow your skin to restore its acid mantle, without it youll be prone to bacterial infection, which may or may not be from digestion or diet. google acid mantle, full on paleo would be best in your case, the less you do to your skin the more it allows it to function as it should. if your skin is dry i would recommend doing baths to hydrate your skin instead of showers, showers do not allow for proper hydration, soak your face (hold your breath) under the water for awhile, as if yo
  4. so for those of you that have been doing this for several days at a time, why stop? is it working those few days you go without doing it? is it really that hard to not do it? day 12 for me, this is easy...
  5. sleep is good, but its the lack of external irritation that is allowing your skin to heal. dont do anything to it for a few days and see how nice it gets...its called the acid mantle, you need to restore it.
  6. Yeah, but vegans don't have any humor. I agree that health use to never be an issue, not until people wake up and smell the coffee. I don't think one needs to be that critical of diet, but once you find a good balance just live by it, that balance will be different for most people, but will still exist in a similar realm (like cutting refined foods/sugars etc). This is very real though, did you know 50% of all cardiovascular disease FIRST SYMPTOMS result in heart attacks and half of those (
  7. Nice! It makes about 64 oz or so...Carrots are a good sub for fruits, they have their own slight sweetness to them! I have a breville juicer, what do you use?
  8. Dig it, simple yet effective. Thanks for talking about alkaline food, it is something not very many talk about here, and is oh so important to good radiant health. I would recommend adding in a hunk of ginger to that recipe. I make some gnarly green juices myself, here's a recipe I made earlier today: 1 head spinach 1 head dino kale 1 head purple kale 1 large hunk of ginger 1 lemon 4 small granny smith apples 6 celery stalks 1 cucumber 1 jalapeno Good point, after I consume the green juice
  9. So, eating a paleo diet, high in fat and meat can get you to normal ranges of tri's and cholesterol, a normal range in a country that has heart attacks as its' number one killer, that's not a good thing...where as vegan's have the lowest levels of tri's and cholesterol, as well as BMI.
  10. It's a huge topic of debate, just like this post. I am not saying meat is terrible nor will it kill you if you eat it moderation. It seems like the over consumption of meat is not very good. The higher the fat content the more endotoxin the meat will be, or so the research suggests anyways. For times of survival meat is very beneficial, but then again, in other times of survival grains have been important. The research on the paleo side is more or less patient driven accounts. Please see t
  11. actually acv has anti-bacterial properties and actually restores the acidity of the skin, this is why it's so effective in most who use it as a toner, especially after showers and such. But it must only be used as a toner, as in they don't wash it off. The smell fades over night so don't worry, you won't smell like you've just caught an STI. And it's a mild exfoliant. Yea, diluted ACV is a good thing. Dilute it with brewed green tea. the same person who suggests using oils on their skin? ha
  12. Wow, and finally a legitimate post, I was afraid it wasn't going to happen! I agree, most of the research that used the SAD diet compared to vegan diet is hard to rely on because of other factors. HOWEVER, all meat produces endotoxemia in the blood, no matter if it's from grass fed beef or wild caught salmon.
  13. Topicals/soaps/washing my face and depleting my acid mantle Had severe acne until I was 18 or so (on and off until I was 21)...restored my acid mantle which got rid of my acne and have been clear since DHT and other sex hormones also cause issues for me the first poster is wrong, its not doubtful that one thing is causing your acne...if one thing gets out of control it can effect other things, once corrected everything should stabilize, which is found in my situation.