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  1. Although like Sassy74, my longest downtime was for my first treatment, I felt I could easily go back to work on Monday (from a Friday afternoon treatment). 85% of the effects of the treatment were gone and the other 15% were easily hid. BTW, the area that was still slightly affected Monday was under the eyes - where there was no acne scarring. If you make sure the doctor knows you want your acne scars treated and not your eyes, tell him just to "zap" the acne scars not the eyes. This doctor
  2. Yes, I've noticed the same thing Sassy 74. Even with TCA Cross, the way the boxcars and icepicks are "modified" (that's the word I'm going to use because that's what happens. Damage, whether it's acid or laser waves shot into the dermis, causes the skin to re-heal and hopefully raise more tissue - or collegen (sp) - thus reducing the depth of the pit and smoothing out the surface slightly) only offers scar improvement. My scars have definitely been raised up slightly since I've done Smoothbe
  3. You expressed yourself well. We all know the singer Seal. Most people would consider him severely scarred and perhaps even facially disfigured. Yet, he puts himself out in the world and continues to express himself and his talent. Oh yes, apparently a supermodel thinks he's pretty attractive. So, take heart and keep expressing yourself to the world.
  4. Just got back from my third e-matrix treatment (of five) and there is subtle but definite improvement of acne scars - mainly boxcar and pitted scaring. Can't say I see much improvement (if any) of rolling scars (although doctor thinks there will be, I seriously doubt it - I still recommend fillers for rolling scar improvement.)
  5. Thanks sassy 74 - too bad we can't project ourselves a year or a year-and-a-half into the future and really see how much improvement eMatrix is going to give us. When I did Smoothbeam I did get 40-60% improvement in 4-5 months on many scars. But again, this is the human body being damaged and in essence "rehealing" - you don't know how it will repair itself. Some scars "heal over" more or better than others - hence different degrees of repair - from the same procedure and time frame. Also, t
  6. Hi qantas and Sassy74, Haven't logged in for a few days - haven't noticed much change - a couple of icepick scars look a little better to me. Like Sassy74 said - this is something that takes awhile before you notice much. Second session is 12/23. Hopefully, will see a bit more of an improvement a couple of weeks after that date. Take care and keep updating Tomster
  7. When I had it done last week, they did a pass at level A, then B, then C. My healing process was very similar to yours - a little red the day after, second day not too noticeable, third day practically healed. I'd like to see a little more dramatic results, so I think I'll ask them to do it on the highest level since it seems my skin can take it. I'll let you know what they say - appointment is for 12/23 Tomster
  8. Hi Sassy 74 - good to hear that you believe you may still be seeing some improvement! It's true about noticing the smaller scars. As the big ones have become less noticeable, you start seeing more of the little ones more. Sort of makes you wonder if we'll ever be happy/satisfied with any imperfection - or if we'll keep looking for something that will help improve our scaring. Oh well - I'm happy at the moment with ematrix that's for sure. Take care and keep posting, Tomster
  9. Hey Sassy74 - finally got the ematrix done this past Wednesday. It was interesting - they did three passes: the first on the low level, the second on the middle level and the third on the highest level. They used numbing cream so there really wasn't any pain. However, during the procedure and afterwards for at least 30 minutes afterward, you could really smell the burning skin and feel the heat coming off the skin. Also interesting: they didn't use any ice or cream immediately afterward and
  10. Hi sassy74, The appointment went well, but I didn't get to see the doctor - just his office manager. The office manager did say they use to say 3 treatments, but now they say 5. Total cost: $3,400. From the research I've done online, eMatrix seems to be the way to go. Now they promise only 3 days of downtime, but I'm not so sure - but that's probably about the only amount of time I'm going to get. Actually, I'm figuring on 4 days - although they swear I won't need it(!). Just need to figu
  11. Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner - work is crazy and then I did go see a doctor in West Hollywood about eMatrix. Actually, I'm going to talk to him today - I talked with his nurse who'[s had both Repair and eMatrix done. The eMatrix - done on the highest level 3 - was not as harsh or damaging as Repair - but I'm wondering if it did as much good as the Repair. The nurse did it for wrinkles/aging - not acne scars - so it really did yield as much information as I was wanting. She said the doc
  12. Thank you Sassy 74! Just got done reading this complete thread. I'm very interested in eMatrix - my doctor who injects Radiesse (sp?) has been literally begging me to have Fraxel Repair done, but I've been holding off because I think eMatrix might be better. On these boards I've read reports that eMatrix is less harsh and gets better results and I'm reading yours and hopefully find more reports about the effectiveness of eMatrix. Keep up the reports and thank you!
  13. I've been doing my homework on Dr. Lam and I am very impressed with him personally. I wish there was someone like him here in Los Angeles or Orange County or even San Diego. Has anyone heard of a really good silicone droplet doctor in southern California? Thanks so much in advance! Tomster