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  1. Good luck it will be the best decision you ever made. I was frightened to take it for years and now I wish I took it a long time ago. I finished my course two years ago and have been clear since up until a couple of months ago, but that is due to my doctor taking me off of dianette as he says I have been on too long. Back to the doctors tomorrow as my skin is awful again, possibly a second course of roaccutane on the cards. X
  2. I have had acne since I was 13, I'm now 22 years old. I have been on the dianette contraceptive pill since I was around 16 years old to make my skin produce less oil. It worked for a while and eventually after years of trying everything, I was referred to the dermatologist and put on roaccutane for 5 months. After the fourth month my skin was completely clear and has stayed like that for the past two and half years. The dermatologist told me to stay on dianette as it will continue to help my pro
  3. Go on roaccutane. If you have tried everything else then this should help you. It did wonders for my skin after four months I finished my course and my skin stayed clear for two years. May be starting a second course soon but it is SO worth it. Good luck Oh and your acne doesn't have to be severe to go on accutane. There are people with acne a lot worse than mine but just like you I have had persistent acne for years and am now 22 years old so it clearly isn't just teenage spots that can be tr
  4. Go and see your doctor. You shouldn't have to suffer there are many different medications creams washes etc they can prescribe you. X
  5. Acne is not always caused by things like bad food etc sometimes it is just in your genes. The best advice I could give would be to see your doctor. There are many different options of medication, face washes etch hat they can prescribe that will hopefully help your skin. A lot of the products in shops will not help you if you have acne. Aside from doctors, I have found that sudocrem really does help to reduce redness and dry out any spots better than anything else. It's very thick and white thou
  6. Hi I have suffered with persistent acne since the age of 13 and trying everything possible to help clear my skin, I was referred to a dermatologist in January 2012 when I was 18 years old and began a five month course of roaccutane. After the 4th month my skin cleared up amazingly and for the last two years I have had the perfect skin I never thought I could have. I would rarely get spots and if I did it was small and cleared quickly. When I finished my course my dermatologist told me to
  7. Sorry, I wasnt very clear. My course is 4 months in total. I have completed 3 months, now into 4th and final month x
  8. Hi I have had persistant moderate acne from the age of about 13. Im nearly 19 now and I have been on Accutane 30mg a day for 3 months now. I am now in my final month and still getting some large and small spots appearing which are always red and take ages to heal! I was told that I cannot go on a higher dose because of my weight and I am really hoping I won't have to stay on another month! Has anyone else experienced this or is it possible for it to still clear up before the end of th
  9. I've just been reading your blog from the start and feel like I have a lot in common with you! I'm 18 too and have also tried what seems like EVERYTHING before finally giving into my fear of accutane and starting it. Only on day 3 at the moment so no noticeable side effects yet, hopefully I'll have a similar experience to you, can't wait for it to start clearing up! How does your skin react with make up when it is dry? x