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  1. Glad to see more jumping on the bandwagon! Omni--I'll see if I can find the place I found the information you asked about. It's hard to keep track of as I have about 200+ tabs open on my computer that includes all my research. Anytime I want to research something new I open a new tab and so on, throwing together everything I remember so I can give a "shorter, analyzed version" rather than giving people pages and pages to read on, as that might possibly direct others away from this post, esp
  2. Limpbizkitfan-- What was your diet like before you decided to do this diet fast? I too, found that changing diet simply wasn't enough, as many others have found. However, those that do find diet to work well enough for them usually can expect new breakouts when they cheat. It's due to insulin resistance, which can be an effect of imbalanced intestinal flora. I won't go into the whole thing on here, there's just too much information, but I started a post called Cinnamon-Why it can cure acne
  3. So I've come up with an idea as to the deeper reasons cinnamon works! So it turns out a good percentage of people in America have imbalanced intestinal flora as I mentioned before. That can lead to many things, including digestion problems, blood sugar problems, etc. Well I got more interested as I noticed a day ago that my tongue is completely pink, instead of being white and rough, like it has been for years, which I later found out was either from dehydration or possibly candida.( I'm gues
  4. Haha. Good questions. For the first one, cinnamon is known to kill bad bacteria and be anti-fungal, however it is not known to kill good bacteria, unlike antibiotics which kill off both. As for fat people, diabetes, and acne, I'm not sure how to explain that, other than saying maybe insulin and blood sugar can affect acne in some, but not all, which is why maybe the deeper problem could be dealing with stomach acid problems or intestinal imbalance, which can both lead to insulin problems. The
  5. I'm glad to hear everyone's excitement with cinnamon! I'm starting to believe cinnamon could be the best single supplement for acne patients out there! I've been doing quite a bit more research lately, trying to work backwards to figure out what can cause insulin resistance(besides poor diet of course), since I'm confident now that insulin resistance is very likely a cause of acne in most individuals. 2 studies I read about really interested me, especially once I found a link between t
  6. Y3rfd0g--Congrats on having the will for the diet. I'm glad more people are realizing that diet does affect us. I watched two movies recently that I wish I would have watched sooner that completely changed my perspective on diet and its effects. Not just eating low fat-diets or cutting out dairy. But everything. They are called Food, Inc. and Food Matters, check em out if ya get a chance. I'm currently trying to switch over to completely raw organic foods, getting vitamins and minerals fro
  7. Blake--Just had a few suggestions for your plan that deal with overall health as well. First, when it comes to taking multivitamins, there's a lot of things that come into play. Some vitamin companies can add loads of fillers to take up the volume. Some do use what is known as synthetic vitamins which we create, so it's important to look for key vitamins, such as E, A, D, etc. For instance, d-alpha tocopheryl is the natural form, while some use d1-alpha tocopheryl which is synthetic. For
  8. Well, yogurt is a dairy product, and I know that when I had really bad acne and decided to quit eating dairy products, it takes a little bit to see results. However, now that I RARELY eat any dairy products whatsoever, if I decide to have ice cream or a cup of milk, by the time the next day comes around my skin will definitely pay the price. I'd say whether you have acne or not, avoiding all dairy products can benefit well.
  9. Yes, I do agree that inflammation is a natural healing process, however, the anti-inflammatories make for quicker and fuller healing. With an improper balance of EFA's, (Essential Fatty Acids), MAYBE their are too many inflammatory responses attacking what needs to be healed, and due to the lack of omega 3's in many victims, the responses take too long to heal the wounds and therefore remain there as chronic inflammation. And I'm not entirely sure which is correct, but I have read over and o
  10. Cinnamon should be safe for use because based on what cinnamon does, I don't think that cinnamon itself lowers blood sugar, it just aids insulin in breaking down the sugars. This just means that something cinammon does must make insulin more effective at doing its job, resulting in less insulin needed to break down glucose. With regards to saw palmetto, I don't see how anybody could supplement with that. The negative side effects that can be involved with that don't even seem worth clearing
  11. The bottles recommend 1g daily, however in the studies using cinnamon, doses of up to 6g were given daily with no side effects. There's no reason to ever reach 6g a day however, whether you do it my way or just take it in the morning and evening, because the lowest dosages showed the longest lasting results and were just as effective as 3g a day and 6g a day. So I'd say 1-3g a day would be the best amount to shoot for.
  12. Bobbi- Yes, regardless of the topic being argued there will be plenty of research all stating different things. That being said, it doesn't take a genius to realize that countries as a whole who have less fat, carb, and sugar in their diets have less acne. I agree 100% that hormones are part of the problem, but when I said hormones being the cause of acne is ridiculous, I mean that saying puberty is the reason we have acne is extremely false, because not everyone gets it, and because many peop
  13. Bobbi-The point is that no, we don't actually NEED those vitamins and healthy diet because many people can diet terribly every day and remain acne-free. The reason for this has been explain above. To further help explain I found another research which found that the reason for some having insulin insensitivity is due to body composition. They explained how their are 2 insulin receptors that determine how much glucose is cleared from the blood. They are called the adipocyte receptor(clears far
  14. Y3rfd0g--Also, have you thought about taking cod liver oil instead of just vitamin D3? Many people have had great success with cod liver oil, for what I believe consists of 2 reasons. 1. Vitamin A and D are said to work together. Many things I've read say that Vitamin D isn't absorbed as well without Vitamin A and vice-versa. Since Vitamin A has been linked to oil production control, and Vitamin D is thought to promote normal cell growth (keeping the skin from shedding abnormally fast), it m