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  1. leave ittttt. Spots near my lip never heal well if I pop them. I'm sure its not as bad as than you think anyway
  2. hey, welcome I know how annoying it is when a brother/sister as perfect skin. My brother never has had bad skin, where as Ive suffered from it for 10 years. When I was his age (21) i was in a real depression about my acne. But thinking positively, whenever he gets one little spot he crys about it, where as I can deal with alot more (not just skin related). So guess thats one thing I can thank acne for. Depends what country youre in but light/lazer treatment is available fairly widely now
  3. Hey, good luck with the regimen Alot of people have had good results with it. Any advice you need just ask there will plenty of help
  4. Ye it did, it takes about a week for the skin to calm down after the treatment and then about two months to really see the results after your course. I had two years of scars on my forehead that faded after the treatment. I would have had it on my whole face but the lazer is actually used for hair removal as well so would have stopped me growing stubble
  5. Interesting idea! I have depression but never really seen a link - except when my skin causes my depression to return.
  6. To be honest I think you'll drive yourself crazy trying to achieve that level of perfectionism. Its not even natural to have such flawless skin.
  7. Really feel for you! I woke up to my face feeling like it was so dry it could fall off. Luckily I have the day off or else I'd be feeling alot worse
  8. Sorry to hear about your job! I know its a never ending struggle but stick in there, it will get better Personally when I see your photos I dont just see your skin I see your other features too. I'm sure youre very pretty even with Acne
  9. Even if they are scars I wouldn't be too disheartened. I've seen worse scars react well to lazer/light treatments
  10. heyy, welcome with the antibiotics I'd give them a bit longer to start to work. I know its annoying but they do take their time Also, look at what you're eating. Stuff like monster munch may be making your skin worse because they're fatty. I wouldn't say this was the main cause but probably doesn't help. We all know how you feel, my acne started when I was 14. you're ahead of alot of people because you're helping yourself get clear. I didn't look into getting my acne clear for years bec
  11. It was about £80 a treatment. It was a bit strange, especially as it involved light/lazer
  12. Ye it did, I'm not on it now as my acne has got a bit better, but when I was on it, it clear up my skin in a couple of months :)
  13. I got it posted with no problems from this site
  14. I've done the same, covered one mirror with a towel and the bathroom mirror I have put away execpt for once a day to shave. And even then I put a timer on to limit my time in bathroom. I also wear gloves when Im feeling especially anxious. Sounds ridiculous but seems its the only way
  15. Heyy, I had IPL for some scars/red marks on my forehead. I was also offered dermaroller and I was tempted as Ive seen the results being good. But none of this was on the NHS, I went private. I gave up with the NHS helping me to be honest, my doctor was good but anymore than the basic requests were basically laughed at. I had three treatments of IPL over a few months and it did improve my scars; so thats what I would recommend. Depending where you are in the UK I know a couple of good places a
  16. Dermatillomania is a real problem for me. It really confused my derm why my skin was not improving and every week when I saw her my skin had new scabs. Little did she know I was picking.
  17. italiangeek


    I realise its difficult but try to focus on the other areas of your skin. You have absolutely flawless skin everywhere else
  18. Hi, welcome. Check out this thread for quinoderm info..... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/224295-just-discovered-quinoderm/ Hope you find the info you need
  19. italiangeek

    For Real.

    always support on here if you need it!
  20. Hi welcome! Can't give you any info on pantothenic acid but I'm sure someone can. If you post photos someone may be able to give you advice on your specific acne.
  21. Not sure about your body become immune to tetracycline but perhaps your skin is still cleaning itself out? Its only been two months, perhaps it needs a bit more time? Not really sure on how tetracycline works but it may be that this is the all involved with the process. How did it work when you were 15? did you have an initial purging period?
  22. I was pleased with my microderm treatment. Not sure where you are but it was about £50 for a treatment or £100 or three.
  23. This is how I feel. Its not so much the bad skin its the fact just as I get used to good skin, it turns bad and its dealing with it again. I found that because my skin was getting so dry it was breaking out under the stress, so I started not using cleanser on the evening, instead just washing my face with water when I was having a shower on the evening. Have you tried any treatment like Microdermabrasion? That helped with the marks that were left
  24. hey, welcome. I know you have makeup on, but your skin looks generally good. No doubt it still affects you, just mean you should realise its probably not as bad as you think. Whats your routine at the moment?