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  1. Hey Kel, wow I feel sorry for you about the hair dresser story. I can totally relate to how you felt. I had a woman come up to me the other day as I work as a cashier at a supermarket, and when I scanned her item, she started staring at me and talking about my skin in front of other customers and how her friend could fix me as her friend owns an Indian beauty salon with one or two facials. I wanted to die, it was so humiliating. Yeah he knows I wear makeup lol. I watched TV at his house two we
  2. I work as a cashier at a grocery store, and the other day this woman really stared at me, and started talking to me about how her friend could cure my skin forever with one or two facials in front of other customers, and for me not to be embarrassed. I wanted to die so bad, I could barely look at her. It was the most embarrassing and humilating thing ever for me. Then she gave me a leaflet with her friend's company information and services on it. I wear makeup but you can tell I have pimples, a
  3. Hi I signed up to acne.org years ago when I had back acne, and that's gone away now and I get facial acne instead. I so preferred having back acne instead at least you could cover that up. with clothes. I hate when my mother comments on my acne. Like I haven't got my hair cut all year and I'm graduating in a few days, and I said to her maybe I should go get my hair cut and foiled, and she's like what's the point, when your face isn't clear. It just drives me nuts how she's always like that, as
  4. Hi does anyone else have this? When you don't shower for a day your back looks nicer? Mine does, but I don't think I can keep up this regimen as isn't it bad not washing your back or letting shower water on your back? I read in a magazine that if you have back acne/scars you should wash your back once to twice a day to get rid of dead skin cells, but I find my back looks a bit better when I don't let the water from the shower on it for some reason. Does anyone else have this?
  5. I live around 10 minutes drive from the beach, but I get too nervous to take my shirt off seeing other people's perfect skin. I haven't bought a bathing suit in years, I wanna go swimming at the beach but I am too shy too. I can't take my shirt off knowing people will be able to see my skin.
  6. I live in Australia I haven't been able to find that body wash here anywhere! And on ebay it costs $25 from Great Britian for just the bottle not including postage. How much does it cost where you live and where do you live?
  7. I took the Pill Diane 35 and loved how it made my boobs so much bigger, and it was clearing up my skin so good... But I had to come off it due to me getting depressed, I cried every single day on it. My boyfriend broke up with me due to me changing and not being the girl he fell in love with... So I came off it and we got back together when he saw I was still the same girl he fell in, but now my acne is not going away on my back *sigh*. I think I might try my leftover minomycin tablets but I wen
  8. Hello I was wondering since my doctor put me on Diane 35, Minomycin and Differin Cream, since I would be on the pill would it's protection against pregnancy be reduced because of Minomycin and the Differin Cream? I have to take two Minomycin tablets each morning with breakfast and then the Pill Diane 35 1 each morning, and then the Differin Cream twice a day. I'm not planning to have unprotected sex for like ages, but I was just wondering if it would have its effectiveness against pregnancy red
  9. I know what you mean by it tormenting you, I hate the red marks and some acne I have on my back. I want to wear a dress, I heard that saltwater at the beach helps alot but I get to the beach and I see eveyone's beautiful skin, and I can't take my shirt off and even try this method I am so self conscious of my skin it sucks. Have you tried the saltwater thing? I hope I get desperate enough I try it. At the moment I am trying Aloe Vera, and I am not eating any junk food and instead of a snack like
  10. Does anyone feel that some of their body acne is caused by like allergic reactions? I feel mine is since sometimes if I eat anything with too much msg or preservatives like a cup of soup my back gets so itchy and red after. And like I can't use soap on my back since my skin gets so red and itchy, so I have been trying body washes and they have kinda helped but I still get really itchy and red sometimes, I feel like my back skin is really sensitive, since if I eat anything with all the msg and pr
  11. Hi my doctor prescribed Minomycin, and Clindatech for me. I take 50mg of Minomycin once daily. I have only started using these products since Wednesday. I have noticed that I feel more drowsy, and sleepy, and kinda drowsy dizzish when I stand up, has anyone experienced this? I have only taken 2 Minomycin tablets, (Wednesday, and Thursday night), and has anyone had affects like this, this quickly? Will they wear off soon? I take them at night, so I thought since I go to bed, that I wouldn't get a
  12. Has anyone used methylated spirits on their skin for their acne? And if you did what happened to your skin? I heard about using methylated spirits for acne, from my brother.
  13. Oh thanks, because I wasn't sure what to do. Like some people say if you don't moisturise then you get more oil etc. When you first used it how long did it take you to notice improvement?
  14. Thanks for all your help. Oh thanks, and when you put Eryacne on do you still moisturise? Like before or after it?
  15. Yep it says that can be an unwanted side effect. It also can include; dryness, tenderness, itching, oiliness, and a burning sensation. Have you experienced any of those? Where do you get AHA from?