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  1. What do you mean by "molting" lol? How severe was your acne? Wish you the best Well I guess that was poor diction but I just remember the top layer of my skin basically came off after a couple of weeks. My acne wasn't that bad it just was not curable with any other combonation of antibiotics/benzoyl peroxide/retenoids etc.
  2. Hey guys it's been forever since I've posted here because the miracle drug accutane cured me, for a couple of years at least. My skin was great for a year and a half to 2 years after I took my last pill. Now I am going back to the dermatologist with acne. She recommended another course of accutane, which I am considering, but I was wondering, what are the side effects like on the second course? I remember my lips cracking and bleeding and after the first couple of weeks I felt like my face w
  3. I took the full course of accutane for 6 months, this was about 1.5 years ago. My acne never went fully away, instead it just shifted from my forehead and cheeks to my chin and around my chin, and changed from whiteheads to cysts. It has been coming back bad as of late and I'm afraid with every new pimple I get I am just going to have another scar to deal with. I'm considering another course of accutane, what do you guys think? Will I get a break out and a peeling skin and really dry lips th
  4. Yes they will perscribe antibiotics, but they probably wont work : . They didnt work for me, but my Doctor DID perscribe Acutane for me. Never saw a dermatologist.
  5. I have really bad lips and my contacts have become untollerable sometimes, so I always carry around some eye solution and chapstick.
  6. damn that accutane box is scary...
  7. You know what it has not been proven whether accutane causes depression, anxiety or any other stuff like that. But there is a reason you sign that disclaimer. This drug is very powerfull. Anyone who takes it should be on the lookout for side affects. Although it only affects a fraction of the people who take it.
  8. I dont have bad acne, its just that some of it doesnt ever go away. I have decided to take accutane because Everyday I'm icing, washing, exfoliating, and dumping more and more cream onto my face. Also I take 2 antibiotics. My friends, 2 of them I stayed with in a hotel, only washed their faces twice a day w/ bar soap, and have no acne at all. This is why I chose accutane, so I wont spend the rest of my life worrying about all that nonsense cream, pills, washes, etc. Anyway, how many peopl
  9. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/06/11/...ain558084.shtml I saw this on the Early Show and I thought you guys might like to take a look-see for yourselves and tell me your opinion. I'm thinking about trying it...
  10. Uhm, what is that white stuff that comes out of a pimple when you pop it?