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  1. That's great royalty, hope it continues to help you. Is this the first elimination experiment you've done with any type of food? No i have cut out all dairy 6-7 mounths ago. I am scared what happens if i try to eat it again. Could i break me out just because i had a long break from it? Start with fermented dairy like kefir. Your intestinal flora will absorb the enzymes necessary to digest milk from the lactose-eating bacteria in the kefir and you will, in essence, absorb their power. Just lik
  2. Sounds pretty similar to me. Try not drinking anything within 45-60 minutes of eating (before and after). Chewing your food more should help as well if you notice you tend to eat quickly. As far as the leaky gut stuff goes, I've had great success with L-Glutamine supplementation and the probiotic/prebiotic combination.
  3. It wasn't reopened again, it was reopened once, after cleaning up. Check my comma placement. Read the title. The thread's entire purpose is to attack the dedicated members of this section of the forum. The thread's OP made a broad sweeping generalization based on his own personal experience to try and de-legitimize the science-based experimentation of others. Now people are going after someone's sexual habits for some reason. That's why it's a train wreck.
  4. Isn't its effectiveness going to be determined by the ratio of B5-glycemic load above acceptable level? In other words, the more high-GI crap you eat, the more B5 you would have to take to balance it out.
  5. Acne is merely a symptom of something else going on in your body. What you eat affects your body; there's no way it could not.
  6. Women are at a greater risk for osteoporosis, yes. Vitamin D and magnesium are just as crucially important in bone formation and density as calcium, though. Don't overlook them! There's also plenty of calcium in a wide variety of plants: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=nutrient&dbid=45
  7. Sleep and attention to gut health have been the two most important things for me. I used to get sick an average amount, but since I started drinking kefir 3 years ago and paying close attention to how much sleep I get, I've been sick maybe twice. As far as your insomnia goes, how much sunlight exposure do you get on your eyes? The more sunlight you can get, the better, because it helps keep your circadian rhythm attuned to nature. Turning the TV and computer off an hour or so before bed (or a
  8. Have you read any of the posts in this section? There are more scientific studies linked here than any other part of the forum. Is there a lot of bad Bro Science, too? Yes. But finding unconventional ways to treat yourself is all about doing the research on your own. You won't learn much in life if you don't learn to separate the gold from the dross.
  9. I drink retail dairy kefir and rotate through supplements, along with enjoying the occasional kombucha. I'm hoping to start doing water kefir soon, because it sounds great.
  10. Not eating dairy, non-fruit sugar, and grains and taking L-glutamine, a few sources of probiotics, and spirulina virtually cleared me. I'm also focusing on nutritional sources of vitamin C and zinc for faster healing of existing spots (it really does work). Of course, routine exercise, water intake, and good sleep are always important. The icing on the cake that has completely stopped breakouts has been not drinking water within 45 minutes to 1 hour of eating. Like you, I get seemingly random br
  11. If it happened after not sleeping at all, that could be a clue.
  12. A little quick research shows that there's a specific lectin in peanuts that has actually been studied and shown to cause intestinal permeability/infiltrate the intestinal lining and get into the bloodstream.