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  1. I do not use anything other than a roller. For me, there is an initial swelling, for perhaps 3-5 days and after that, the swelling falls and may scars look *HIDEOUS* for about a week after. At this point, the scars begin to soften. At any rate, I roll every 2 to 3 weeks, is this too frequently, do you think? I'm seeing good result, some of the scars on my face are actually gone (they were very, very shallow, not even half as thick as a dime, it was mostly PIH). I'm having trouble getting r
  2. Try a BHA? I use Paula's Choice 2% and then I add a 30% chemical peel to it in order to bring it to 4.5%
  3. Lange

    Help Me Out

    I've been using a dermaroller for awhile now, maybe 4 to 5 months. It's not a miracle--and it will make your scars look worse for about a week after rolling. But, I have seen a lot of the scars fill in and become relatively unnoticable from a foot away. At any rate, it's worth trying, but it is def long-term. I use a 1.0mm. You should go until you notice bleeding. I started doing that, and then I saw more improvement although my face also looked worse for a few days.
  4. Something that might help are using a BHA or AHA. Paula's Choice makes a good version of both, although the 5% AHA may be better for the PIH. Something that might also help would be Green Cream or similar retinol product since it forces the skin to peel very quickly.
  5. People who speculate usually lose and lose big. I thought the 2008 financial meltdown would've taught you that.
  6. Hey, Did anyone else find that green cream made them purge 3 weeks after starting? It seems a bit delayed, I heard it happened around the 1st or 2nd week.
  7. Hey all, For those who are considering using Green Cream: It works pretty well, but don't be like me. My face is as red as a cherry right now because I decided to use level 9 every day. Instead, starts with level 6 or use the level 9 every other to start with. End PSA.
  8. Lange

    Starting A Log

    Hmm, well, I've been using the Lvl 9 Green Cream for a few days straight now and I've realized that I'm as red as a cherry, lol. I'm having to stop using it because I can tell my skin is irritated and dry. I've also noticed that my BHA burns a lot worse now as well, which makes me worried. Also, don't use any BHA immediatly after dermarolling, I burnt the crap out of my poor skin that way. Not sure why I did that, I never do that.
  9. I had worried about microswelling as well, which is why I backed out for two weeks to let the swelling go away. I use a 1.0mm so the healing time is down, but I'm actually going to roll every 2 weeks because I've noticed there's a lot more improvement in two weeks vs. one and I think I may have been hurting the collegan process by rolling so often.
  10. Right now, I'm using a dermaroller. That might be an option you'd be interested in. There are some great topics about it in the stickies at the top of the forum. I saw improvement in PIH within a few weeks and saw depth and leveling of pitted scars after six. It's not perfect, but it looks much better. I started and continue to use 1.0mm needles which might be a good base. Some people have had success with lasers and peels. I use a 30% SA peel for awhile but it destroyed my skin and made
  11. Hey, Has anyone noticed that, after using a dermaroller, their scars get deeper and darker for a few days afterwards before they fill back in after aout 4-5 days?
  12. I only used it once per week, but I used a dermaroller and made 5 back-and-forth passes top to bottom, side-to-side, and at an angle so 15 back and forth passes total.
  13. Keep doing it for 6 weeks and then give it two weeks to see what happens. I saw a few of my scars level out over a period of 6 weeks. When I stopped for 2 weeks though, that was where a lot of the improvement was.
  14. Thx for the heads up. I've started using BP once or twice a week lately.