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  1. At the very least call your doctor. Blood in your urine is 100% indicative that something is not right.
  2. Unless your pimple has a very obvious head I would refrain from trying to pop it, as that could cause scarring. I too am on Tretinoin 0.05% and the first couple of months I was on it I broke out a LOT, and it was really hard not to try to pop everything. I also have a lot of comedonal acne (under the skin stuff), and I can very honestly tell you that once it comes to the surface it ain't going back under. You're probably going to have a pretty significant breakout over the next few weeks, but
  3. So I just though I'd post this to maybe encourage others trying out tretinoin cream. I started tretinoin cream in August. At that point, I had been on spironolactone 100mg a day and I was routinely getting facials. I had moderate-severe comedonal acne all over my cheeks and mild comedone acne around my mouth and chin. My derm wanted to put me on accutane but since I didn't have any health insurance, it wasn't an option. The facials weren't really helping with my skin, so I broke down and
  4. It's been a long time but I would like to update this. I have been on Spiro for over a year now. My skin is MUCH better. It's not perfect - I still have some congestion on my cheeks, particularly on my left cheek (on which I tend to sleep at night), but I rarely get large pimples anymore, usually only around my time of the month and when I do it's usually only just 1. My forehead and hairline are 100% clear, which is wonderful. My chin still has blackheads, but the small under the skin b
  5. This post helped me a lot. THANK you for posting it. I have been on Spiro for 3 months and am currently very depressed about the condition of my skin. I am 27, have severe comedonal acne paired with good ol' regular acne. I occasionally get a cyst. My skin is terrible right now and it's just killing my self esteem. I was questioning whether I should stay on it, but after reading your post I will continue to stick with it for a year or so and see what happens. Thanks hun. I hope your sk
  6. I guess no one has any uplifting success stories for me? Bummer! I have gone through and read old posts that have this same sort of theme. It seems like Spiro is unpredictable - it works quickly for some, takes a long time for others, and doesn't work at all for a few unlucky ones. I currently have worse acne now than I did when I started back in February (not March, as my prev. post says) and although I pretend it doesn't bother me, inside I am extremely upset and self conscious. I'm 2
  7. I started Spironolactone in mid-March. For the first month I was on 100 mg a day, and the last two months I've been upped to 150 mgs per day. I've been struggling really badly with some really bad congestion - just TONS of closed comedones. My derm was pretty shocked when she saw my face the first time, wanted to put me on Accutane, but since I have no health insurance, that was a no go. Anyhow, 3 months later I don't really see any improvement. My derm said that the congestion would prob