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  1. Also, I believe your idea of "medicine" and my idea of "medicine" is different. My remedies stem entirely from nature. Plants, fruits etc, luckily when I go back home (to the Caribbean) I can stock up on remedies the earth provides. I will never take another drug in my life, the system is too corrupt. I definitely believe in alternative and eastern medicine. Unfortunately, they have not been shown to cure cancer (or acne for that matter). I go naturopathic when I can. But a cure for acne (Accut
  2. I totally understand what you mean. I have had friends and family not understand about me taking accutane but I don't expect them to because they don't have acne. They listen to the crazy hype around accutane which there is no scientific foundation for. For example, they say accutane can cause chrones disease. Have you once seen a statistic where they compare people with chrones disease who have taken accutane versus people who just get it in general? What if those people who got chrones disease
  3. Ok. So I do not want to sound like one of those crazy people who look in the sky for UFOs and think that the government is watching their every move, BUT, I do have a theory related to Accutane. Say there is a cure for acne (Accutane). What would the pharmaceutical companies do if a cure came out for acne? One that is readily available for use by the consumer as long as they have a prescription with side effects comparable to other drugs commonly used. Do you know how many manufacturing comp
  4. Good luck perplexity! Although your derm kinda sounds mean, it seems as though he/she is covering all of their bases by first putting you on bactrim! I am a RN and I have seen this drug used a lot and although it is strong it is very safe. I have just begun accutane. I am on day 11 and I have no regrets! I waited around 6 years before starting so don't feel bad. I think it was smart of you to see if it ran its course! I think that accutane is made out to be far worse than it is! Also, don'
  5. My best advice would be to do some research on the pros and cons of different treatments and go from there. I am now 25 and on Accutane. Similar to you, I started breaking out very badly in college, and I feel you, it SUCKED. I spent years and a ton of money on a bunch of different stuff that either worked for a short time or did not work at all. As a result, 6 years later I have some ice pick scarring on my cheeks and red scars all over my face. My acne is not extremely horrible, but enough
  6. You go girl! I started amnesteem 40 mg on feb 14th! Nothing too crazy for me yet besides some dry skin. I look forward to reading your blog to see how it goes!
  7. life7

    1 Month

    Good luck being done with 1 month! I am on day 11 and I feel like I have forever to go! Did you get an initial breakout? If so, when did it clear?
  8. life7

    Day 50

    Awesome! I am day 11 40 mg Amnesteem and I cannot wait for this initial breakout to be over. If you had one, when did it go away? I would try a really thick moisturizer for the sides of your mouth. I would also use Carmex lip balm in the little jar. You can get it at any drug store or grocery store and it goes well around the outside of your mouth too without making you look like you ate a bunch of greasy food. lol
  9. life7


    I am day 11 amnesteem 40 mg. It varies when we should see the improvement I guess. I am now starting to get my initial breakout and it SUCCKKS. Some of the video blogs I see on youtube say it takes somewhere from 2-4 months. My derm assistant said 4 months. But I am praying she is wrong. I think 3 is the lucky number! Are your pimps redder and more painful than usual? Mine are!
  10. I am 40 mg amnesteem day 11. Good luck and if you need any advice please ask!
  11. You will probably contemplate it up until you take the first accutane pill. I did! My face got super clear about a week before I started and I almost turned back but I didn't and I am glad I didn't because my face exploded a day or 2 before starting (which made it a little easier). Once I took that first pill I felt so empowered! My fiance has to go through the same things it sounds like your hubby goes through. I have been a hermet for the past few years because I am embarassed about my face
  12. life7

    Claravis Day 13

    Hi Hgresz! I am a 25 year old female and I started Amnesteem (the other brand I am sure you know) 40 mg on February 14th. I am day 11! I am excited to see how your journey goes! I feel like the stuff under my skin is surfacing as well! Are you looking in the mirror a lot like I am? I am trying to quit because it is going to drive me crazy! I had a headache a few times as well too.
  13. Well, things have been going pretty ok! I think I have entered the initial breakout phase. I was hoping I would be that percentage that didnt! I have numerous large lesions on my cheek and they are all clustered together. I think that this was something waiting to come out though because I remember having small bumps there before accutane. My forehead also has several large nodules where previous small bumps were. I had a few blackheads that were impossible to get rid of without ruining my
  14. Hello. My name is Katie and I am on day 8 of accutane also! I am on amnesteem 40 mg once a day. The dryness is really starting to kick in. My face is peeling basically everywhere and my lips are not too crazy dry, but dry. The rest of my body feels fine though. I had a headache the first day after taking it but nothing anymore. I feel like my face is purging everything out right now but I don't mind because I am excited to be on my way to recovery! Good luck and hang in there!