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  1. I'm on Yasmin and I have fairly good skin all the time, only the sudden break-outs.. But I guess it has a lot to do with my picking, cause that will make it 10x times worse. But i might try to find something herbal, cause I'm not a huge fan of pills, creams or switching BC.
  2. Hi guys! So, I've got a question. I've been on this forum for quite some time now, experienced all kind of things (like a really bad breakout that lasted 2 months, and the clearest skin i've ever had in my life when I was on antibiotics) My skin has been calm for the past 1,5 years, and I'm not doing too much for it (I've got a AHA, or BHA dunno, cream and that's it) There is just one thing that's bothering me. Once in a while, mostly once in about 3 months, I get this HUGE breakout
  3. Hi guys! I wanted to give you my succes-story with yasmin During puberty I always had practically non-existent acne. A few bumps here and there, but nothing serious. When I turned 18, my acne got a bit worse. I don't know what caused it, but it flared up like nothing before. I went on antibiotics and differin, which made my face clear and perfect. Exactly 2 months after stopping antibiotics, I got the same old light acne back, which I had for years. (with light acne I mean, some tiny
  4. I just wanna say, HANG ON! I've never been on Spiro, but I've been taking Yasmin (which is supposed to have Spiro in it) for about 5 months now. My first 2 months were brutal. My forehead stayed the same, all the clogged pores on my cheek were pushed out (luckily I only had 3, but they all became sore pustules), but my chin was a warzone. Cyst after cyst after cyst after cyst. I never had cysts in my life! But with the starting of month 3, everything went away. Now, my forehead and cheeks
  5. I definitely think that Hormonal acne can happen EVERYWHERE. When I started Yasmin, my cheeks got a little bumpy (which is due to hormonal changes, because my cheeks were always clear) At the same time my forehead got clear, and I never got pimples on my jawline (only on my chin). So don't worry about the place you get acne in, it cán be hormonal changes or something else. Just try out the spiro and change if it doesn't give you the results you want. And btw, your acne is defenitely mil
  6. Your skin definitely seems to improve! I'm on my 5th package, and I'm almost entirerely clear (no small bumps, no clogged pores) My chin is the only place that's still struggling (Got a medium sized bump there and some dark marks) But further, clear clear clear. With a little conceiler I'm having the best skin of my life ;p Good luck!
  7. My personal experience, if you ice a very tiny red bump/zit, it will dry out faster and it will be gone in about 2 days. This method doesn't work with cysts, cause they are too deep. The only thing you can do with cysts is heat them, praying that they will come to the surface, and hopefully they will go away on their own. Taking an anti-inflammatory will also help a lot.
  8. I've been diagnosed with bdd, and I'm taking specialized therapy 2 days a week. Best thing I ever did for myself. I never had acne, but I was always so obsessed with my skin. After 6 weeks of therapy I'm already a lot more relaxed. So it's definitely something you could look into.
  9. This may sound weird, but about 2 years ago I had the same problem. That's when I started shaving the excess hair. (I only had to pluck them between my eyebrows, because the hair is blonde and already in a perfect shape) I never have the problem of irritating the follicales anymore. They grow back a lot faster, but I'd rather have to shave them more often then ending up with a pimple right between my eyebrows.
  10. I feel so sorry for you, your acne is practically non-existent. You have such a light form, and you should be enjoying life. Everyone has some kind of pimples or acne, and you should bless yourself that yours extremely light. You might only have some shaving-irritation from what I can see, so maybe that's something you should look into. I bet a lot of guys here will know some solutions to that. I agree with treating you skin very gentle, just leave it alone and wash it once or twice a day a
  11. So I've been on Yasmin for about 13,5 weeks now (on my 4th strip) So before Yasmin, I had the usual pimples. Most of the time: 2 real pimples on chin, 1 or 2 on my forehead, and often 1 on my higher cheekbones. Compare that with a lot of clogged pores, and voilà you can imagine my skin. So it was definitely very mild. I started yasmin the end of July I think. Well the first 2 months were BRUTAL. All my clogged pores were pushed out. (My forehead and cheeks weren't bad, they stayed pretty
  12. I think Yasmin kicked in. I'm not getting pimples anymore, just random tiny red/white bumps, which will go in 2 days. My last real pimple was like over a week ago. I still have some clogged pores and tiny bumps, so we'll see if they get pushed out, or if they'll go for themselves! I'm like a week into my 4th package.
  13. Ah and how are things going with you? Still breaking out? And you're damn right, I'm planning to stick it out till month 6. Period-week So things are going not too bad. Chin is clearing up, cheeks are smooth, forehead is smoothish with some skincoloured bumps, still have that pustule/whitehead above my lip. Thing just doesn't wanna go!
  14. Period-week So I just ended my 3rd strip, and I already got some breakthroughbleeding, so I guess my period will come full force tomorrow. Skin is still struggling. My chin doesn't want to clear up, it's just pustule after whitehead after cyst after whitehead after pustule. This morning it seems like it míght clear up from now.. My chin is pretty much flat with only some tiny scabs/bumps. So we'll see! Forehead and cheeks are clear, but I got 1 red bump just above my mouth, which is
  15. I know! It's not fun, but it will clear up soon My IB only hit me on my chin, so I guess I was lucky.. I did experience some pimples on places I never had them (like on my cheeks, got 2 painfull ones and they both left a dark mark) But only one at a time, so nothing bad. I thought it would be wááááy worse, but it didn't. So I'm praying for you!. And seriously, DON'T PICK!!!! I don't know if you're a picker, but you should definitely keep your hands of your face when the IB hits you.