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  1. With the severe birth defects warnings on Accutane, I know you can't (shouldnt) get pregnant durning your cycle on Accutane and only ONE month after stopping use. I would wait a year or more after stopping use of Accutane to concieve a baby. Has anyone thats taken Accutane and after finishing their cycle, had a heathly baby with zero birth defects? I am worried about what Accutane could possibly do long- term, if I have a baby a year or a few years from now.
  2. Has anyone ever went to a tanning salon and tanned while on Accutane? I know they forbid it bc you will get burned. But what if you go for a few minutes... 5 tops? I am 100% Italian (mostly Sicilian) and prior to Accutane, I never burned and always stayed in the sun and get very dark....
  3. I think you should go on Accutane. I just got off of it after doing a cycle and I am very happy with the results.
  4. Your doctor can remove it..or drain it. Thats what i had done....it came back only once.
  5. I have had this for 2 years and doctors do not know much about it. Its not acne and the bumps can not be popped. They are not painful. It started with one little bump under my left eye, then more. It spread to my right eye, then right below my nose on both sides and my chin. I have been on everything and now I am on Accutane, it seems to be controlling it, but I am on my 4th month and the bumps are still there. I was wondering if ANYONE has heard of this. Lupus miliaris disseminatus fa
  6. That could be a rare form of adult acne. I have something similar and they put me on Accutane. They arent pimples, and can not be popped.