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  1. I'm not being put on sedation, so I wonder if it means it won't be aggressive.
  2. I just found another doc and he said I can expect a 10% improvement and repeat it in a year. It sounds like he doesnt go deep though, because I'll be on a topical numbing cream during the procedure. And his assistant said I'll be pink for several weeks, but the other users on here said they were pink for a year. @harmlessboy1441 Did your doc use the diamond dermabrasion or a wire brush?
  3. I was going to go to misscamay2005's doctor for dermabrasion but he passed away . Since it's very skill dependent I don't know who to go to now.
  4. It's been two weeks since my juvederm voluma. It's help with the deepness of the scars, but not the edges. Am I ready for dermabrasion or should I get a Taylor or b sub first? @Sirius Lee
  5. Both your derms don't know anything about scarring. Both your derms don't know anything about scarring. People are suggesting excision because your scars are deep and with a defined border. It will leave an easier scar, like a line, which will be easier to laser or dermabrasion.
  6. I'm going to get dermabrasion in the fall. But the question is should I get Taylor lib sub before then???
  7. Nope not as strong as a docs dermabrasion.
  8. Start Retin a asap What filler specifically?
  9. How long ago was your sub with rullan?
  10. Why is rf micro needling still in use when we know it's not effective. Excision would not help because it's too widespread and on cheeks they are tricky.
  11. Just got juvederm voluma done. It was about 40 mins of just injecting droplets, the doc took his time. We'll see how this goes.
  12. Are your scars very tethered? Just curious why he recommended TL for you?