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  1. im 98.9% sure i have hyperthyroidism. At first i thought i had low estrogen due to low body fat which caused my acne, then as i started researching more into hyperthyroid, i realized it causes a fast metabolism which causes low estrogen which causes high testosterone which causes more hair and yada yada. My mom also had thyroid problems but i never linked it. Now that i think about it, all of this fits to me. Im just wondering how can i fix this naturally without going to a doctor? Also, i am
  2. Lol yeah i know right. N he told me to drink a latte every morning but i obv neva did any of that.
  3. So i went to the doctor for a check up a couple of months ago and he realized that i was underweight. He took a blood test and he saw that i had low estrogen. Cud this be the reason of why i break out?!? Also he told me to eat more junk food to try to gain weight. If i gain weight, will my estrogen naturally balance out?