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  1. stress?..... this is something new..... how does stress cause acne? I know stress raises cortisol level>more sebum produced on specific areas. but can it be THAT bad to actually cause acne? doesnt make sense.....
  2. BP is cool but im not going to for the rest of my life, the problem is something with food reaction [i think]. drinking tomato juice without sugar? how the hell should that affect acne? isnt it better just to eat regular tomato?... btw tomato contains alot of critic acid [wich may cause my acne around mouth...]
  3. [sorry for bad english]I have acne around my mouth, 95% on chin, 5% above upper lip [below nose]. this is the ONLY area i have acne. is it possible that my whole face is clear yet the only place i have acne is on my chin? I also found out that it maybe be a reaction to toothpase, stopped using it. didnt help... than I also found out it might be reaction to food, i stopped eating dairy and stopped eating junk food\etc... didnt help.... than I saw that it might be gluten\bread, food that contai