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  1. What helps your little friends named cyst? I swear it's like they have a mind of their own. It really is a little human friend attached to your face. I have four right now. Two by the brow. And oh wait! This JUST in..lucky number five just popped in on my chin when i had two. I've never tried the hot towel method until yesterday. Any advice on how to pop them? Or shrink their not so little swelling bodies?

  2. It definelty improved. I agree with the diet changes. try a week or two without dairy. Also, I just bought his line too. Should be here tomorrow. Mario badescu is what cleared up my skin, but I am VERY curious about the hype on this todd guy. Keep using it, or try switching to mario. You can apply online and get free samples based on your skin.
  3. I have watched a lot of youtube videos and did a lot of research as to this miracle helper line called "Mario Badescu". I went onto www.mariobadescu.com and looked up a lot of their reviews that they have on each product. They have a tab where you can sign up for a free consultation and you put everything about your skin. A professional responds with what they think you would benefit from. This part scared me! I was thinking how can this person be able to recommend anything to me without seei
  4. I am appalled. I hope you do understand that people like that have their own problems. Please keep your head up and know you are beautiful no matter what. Pray for people like that...that's all you can really do! I am once again sorry you had to meet such evil people. Karma.
  5. So far, i have been using this for about 3 1/2 weeks. I have noticed a slight difference. Is anyone else trying this product? i used this a few years ago and i remember it worked well. It was not the 0.3 gel. I also am taking minocycline 100mg twice a day. Man oh MAN it has made me dizzy, I also have been on that before. Maybe two years ago. I know its a temporary fix. I am trying to find natural ways to heal my skin for when i get off of it. I also use my face wash twice a day, lotion twice
  6. I hope you're just joking! There's no way to "trick" your skin into producing less sebum. Putting on a cream certainly won't do it. i know it sounds weird but its actually worked for me. Since I'm trying not to be scared to put lotion on every morning and night i noticed a difference. Really??? thats pretty awesome to know! i will be looking into this! Hows it going so far?? keep trying!! let me know how it works for you
  7. only down side from this product is the dry skin. I am super oily, and I'm trying to trick my skin by putting on a heavy cream so it won't produce as much. i think its starting to work. I was the type of person who was terrified of putting too much on or any at all because it would cause a small break out. Now, this mask made me so dry..i am peeling like a snake. That is after one use. last thursday. Right now i am on my second time. I just need to make sure i leave gaps in between until my skin
  8. Thank you, it does really help...my make up went on a lot smoother and my face was also red after! i wanted to laugh when i looked in the mirror..my face was so tight with that mask on i used water...i don't know why I'm scared to use that stuff! but i think i am for sure going back to get some..im scared to break out i guess. i finally have a calm day today. just a few small bumps and one cyst. How is your experience with acv?? do you also drink it daily?
  9. I tried it!! i realllllly really liked it [: thanks for the feedback!
  10. i hide away from my boyfriend. I make sure all the lights are off before bed. and wait until he falls asleep to wash my face. I wish i could! i think i will get there some day. My family laughs when i have a face mask on..i think they're used to me being a freak! i also have a problem with thinking i have dark under eye circles. So i feel like everyone stares at them without make up on...does anyone know a good cream for that? I know I'm making myself seem like a monster..but i think we all
  11. i broke out so bad with Trinessa!! My doc just gave me Yaz today. Im just afraid of the day i decide i want children....and BAM my acne comes in full force..I would love to find a holistic way. I might try Spiro. How are you doing with your BCP?? -Alexandra
  12. I am also allergic to cetaphil! Ever since they changed the ingredients. Now I use cerVae. You can get it from walmart. The one with the green cap, just like cetaphil they have two washes. One is more lotion based and the other is more gel which is awesome. I then tried their lotion and it's the moisturizing one. Works great! Pricey it does last because it's the same size as the face wash! They also have an am and pm moisturizer. I have yet to try those! But it's natural and does he
  13. I found a glycolic peel 35% gel! It's on amazon.com and it's going for $16 and some change. I have never ever had one done. Is it worth it? Do you have any brands that arent too harsh for the skin? How much down time? Rave reviews on this product as well but I would like to know from you guys! Wish I could post the pic but I'm on my cell phone! I'll try later on.
  14. SO, I've read MASSIVE rave reviews about Indian clay!!! praying I will love it! Has anyone else tried it??? It can be purchased at any health food stores, whole foods, or amazon. Anywhere from 6-12 dollars. Enough to last for 6 months or more. It's in a powder form that can be mixed with either water or apple cider vinegar. 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay ( Green clay). I will post pictures below of the packaging. It does not need to be the same exact brand but as long as it has 100