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  1. you could try silicon injections, it will work very well but you have to go to someone highly experienced, im talking 10yrs bare minimum. It would also be cheaper than any laser procedure. They usually charge around $1000 per session.
  2. how long was the downtime with the fraxel?..did you know what setting he used?
  3. definitely dont shave over acne, shaving with a razor can make you break out. You should use an electric shaver.
  4. lol how can dr.patel say that when there is barely any improvement in the before and afters on his own website?..
  5. I have started to take Neocell Collagen Type 1 and 3 with Vitamin C and will start applying MSM cream in about 5 days.I was given this handheld suction device at the office *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules* I would use topical vitamin C serum since many studies show its more effective than taken orally. The two best serums are cellex-c and skinceuticals but they are expensive, ~$140. A bottle lasts me about 7-8 months though. did dr. rapaport suggest fraxel?
  6. Sorry to hear you got silicone bumps, i also got several bumps after silicone. I tried cortisone shots several times but they didnt work and finally my doctor said i should have them excised. The procedure was very simple and quick, it was almost like having a mole excised. the pic is 4 months after i got the bump excised. In total i got 5 bumps excised and saw improvement on all but one.
  7. Ive been thinkingof trying it..are they pretty aggressive?..how long is the downtime?
  8. How have the surgical scars healed by the way? I assume you must still have red or white line scars where the excisions were made. The plastic surgeon I consulted said the surgical scars would look more noticeable than pockmarks. They look just like the pock marks did, i dont really see any "thin white line" that ive read about. honestly if i had my memory blanked and looked in the mirror i would never guess i had excisions done.
  9. heres a before and after of genuine dermaroller from a book on scarring, you can download the whole chapter here, it has more info and pics http://www.4shared.com/office/NqWWvokV/chap_1.html
  10. my scars are like yours but i also have rolling scars, my doc recommended tca cross and fraxel restore. I dont think subcision or fillers would work for boxscars or icepicks, those are mainly used for rolling scars.
  11. Thank you michi31:) You can count on me to update 6mo after my final treatment.. My appt. is set and after I get my first treatment done I will update. How have your treatments gone??..Dr. Rap also recommended 2 fraxels and 2 TCA cross for me, going to get it done in a couple months.
  12. its been 4months since the excisions and honestly the scars look the same, its weird how the excisins can heal and look exactly the way the scars were-almost as if the skin has some type of memory. Anyway even though i didnt really see an improvement im grateful they didnt turn out worse.
  13. heres the chapter on atrophic scars. http://www.4shared.com/office/NqWWvokV/chap_1.html
  14. I circled the scars that were excised, the middle pic is on day 3 and the rightmost pic is day 7. I am now on day 11 and it looks pretty much the same except less scabbing. I still keep them covered with clear tape all day and plan to do so for another few weeks since i read it helps relieve tension. I dont think ill be able to judge the final result until around 2 months time so still have a ways to go.