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  1. No, just the Karate Chop point on the hand. I wanted to keep it as short as I could. I may do a blog post about the finger points, if people are interested.
  2. I have to be honest; when I first tried it, I did make sure no one was around. The main tapping points are on the face and upper body, so I don't use the full technique in public. There are finger points that you can tap with one hand though, that are nice for when I'm around people. It makes a great addition to a lot of normal counseling. It's a way for people to keep their progress/momentum between sessions as well.
  3. I'll see if I can find some. When I had acne I tended to avoid cameras like the plague.
  4. Hello, and welcome to a different kind of regimen. My story is about how addressing and healing my emotional life healed my acne. And how you can do it as well. This is a different way to approach acne. I’m going to explain how acne is connected to our emotional health, and how both the acne and the emotional pain can be addressed with something called EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques. Hopefully by using the tools and information here, you can experience the same emotional and
  5. I want to share some of the EFT tapping that I used to help heal zits and breakouts. For those new to EFT, you learn it from this short pdf guide, and you'll be able to follow along with the tapping rounds I have below. I promise it will make sense once you've read it. Tap Away Acne Quick-Start Guide.pdf I would usually tap one or two rounds on acne in general, and then focus in on the individual aspects of my acne that were bothering me. Targeting specific this about it gave the b
  6. I doubt you'll need to worry about it. It sounds like you have a good understanding of what happened in your life, so you won't have the kind of suppressed memories that I did. If you want to use EFT on core issues, do some EFT on the events around when you were 16-17, and see if you can get the intensity levels of those memories down.
  7. I suppose initial breakouts are possible - it did happen once to me while using EFT. What happened was this: I had just started working on some painful childhood events I remembered. As EFT started to clear them, it unlocked some other particularly painful memories that I had been suppressing for years. These suppressed memories had a lot of pain and fear with them, and when they came to the surface, I had to deal with a lot of emotions all at once. Because my body was feeling extra stre
  8. I agree that positive thinking usually isn't helpful. EFT is not about positive thinking. In fact, the setup statements and wording used in EFT are just about as negative as it's possible to get. Tapping the meridian points while keeping these intensely negative thoughts in mind is precisely how EFT neutralizes them. I'm glad that you've been able to deal with your acne. At the end of the day, the method isn't important; getting clear is. I want to give people another tool they can use, and
  9. Good on you for trying different things out, and looking at the holistic approach. Alternativista mentioned stress reduction - have you looked any techniques for doing that? Things like EFT really helped me. I know The Love Vitamin has great articles on it, and I'm posting some on my blog as well. I noticed that my acne flared up alot when big life changes happened, like moving, getting a new job, and new life choices. You mentioned you had a serious breakout after in your senior year
  10. I think Tim has some good advice I think. Getting emotional support is helpful, since acne has such a depression effect. I would bring the subject up with your mom, and see what her reaction is. Just let her know how you feel about your acne, and how strong the feelings are. Hopefully she'll be supportive of you, and be able to help you work on a regimen or something else to take care of the acne.
  11. That was my post, but I think the admins removed the thread because it was in the wrong board. I will try posting it again in this one, since it's about holistic health. In the mean time, I've made a blog post you can check out, where I've uploaded a nice little PDF guide on how to use EFT for acne issues. It's a great introduction, and with a lot of practical how-to stuff you can start using immediately.
  12. In this post I'd like to show how to use EFT, which is what I used to eliminate the emotional factors in my life that were causing my acne. For those unfamiliar with it, EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a simple self-help technique which enables you to quickly and easily resolve all kinds of painful negative emotions, whether past or present. By lightly tapping on a series of points on the face and upper body, EFT releases 'stuck' emotional energy, taking the charge out of painful o
  13. EFT can help with issues of depression. It's especially helpful for stress, because you can use it on the particular events which stress you out. You can use it on suicidal thoughts as well, by focusing EFT on the reasons to quit. Tomorrow I'll post some in-depth tutorials and instructions on my blog for using EFT on skin issues like those you mentioned - zits, red marks, etc.
  14. Thanks! I noticed two levels of improvement. On the physical level, my experience was much the same as yours - after using EFT on the acne symptoms, I would notice improvements right away; my acne would fade, the itchiness would go down, the redness would lessen. These improvements happened within a few hours, and lasted for several days. On the longer term level, it took several months to for improvement in breakouts to show. I had experienced a lot of trauma as a kid, which was respon
  15. I was able to normalize my acne genes, to the point where I no longer get breakouts. I found that my skin would break out when I felt threatened or in danger. I've hypothesized that the danger triggered the fight-or-flight response, which weakened my body and my immune system, and prevented my skin from healing as well as it could. At any rate, once I started using techniques like EFT to clear these feelings of danger, breakouts lessened as well. Eventually, both the 'danger signals' an