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  1. id wait and let the areas heal on their own for a little bit, the less the better
  2. Hey hoping if any of you can offer help. I think something I put on my skin has caused some irritation, due to it being on my skin for a period of time. The marks I had were almost fully faded, basically nothing but now the marks and the area around them are red, and dark but like an irritation red. Some of the redness has faded from yesterday but it still seems irritated. When I apply pressure to the area the redness immediately leaves showing how my skin looked like before. Will this irritatio
  3. Hahaha no i dont. I live in California(: Is that a Stanford hoodie? haha
  4. From what ive read on this forum, the only "real" to get rid of scars would be threw laser treatments. Any peels would most likely show improvement due to microswelling, however peels work great for skin tone and slight blemishes. Im sure the tca would cause irritation while on the regimen, as one would need to stop and treatements prior to a peel and wait post peel.
  5. Depends on your payment plan, Im not sure, but I think there is an option for monthly shipments but maybe im wrong.
  6. thats great! keep up on your regimen, and I hope things continue to work out.
  7. Make sure this is safe, as taking an overdose of a vitamin could be harmfull. Under accutane you were under constant supervision, but i have read a study about this and apparently leads to more or less results without the sideeffects of accutane.
  8. hang in there man. its easier to say its nothing to worry about but we all know its much more than that. The sun doesnt shine forever but aslong as its here we might as well shine together. Chin up, clearness is your goal and it will come.
  9. time will do it. Glycolic or lactic acid peels would definifelty help as they rapidly exfoliate your skin, but make sure to always use a sunscreen and follow directions. TCA will probably be your best bet, but it also helps with shallow scarring but has more of a down time of actual skin peeling.
  10. looks like very minor/shallow boxcar or rolling scars. Try reading up on silicon sheets, as I guess they allow the skin to heal much faster. I guess the skin covered by the silicone is in its ideal condition which allows fast healing. and those scars are barely noticeable. nothing to even be worried about as theyd probably fill in more over time.
  11. Not that bad at all. They should significantlly clear up it left alone by april. It all depends on how much of the skin where the blemish was, was damaged. In my opinion, i think its clearly best to allow the skin to naturally heal itself. If your acne is mild now, and barely non exsistent, why interfere? You could eat some things to boost your immune system and hopefully allow your body to heal faster. Whenever I left my face alone, and do its things i never had a problem and things would alway