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  1. Can't believe this has had 135 views and nobody has any thoughts on it at all. I was relying on you guys as the true acne experts to ask about this!
  2. I have, but stayed on the spironolactone and erythromycin alongside the accutane for a short time to minimise the impact of the transition. You probably won't get too bad an initial breakout starting on a low dose. The initial breakout also tends to depend on the severity of the acne in the first place, so if your acne has been reasonably controlled with your current meds then it shouldn't be as bad as if it was severe to start with. If you really do have problems then it is possible to prescrib
  3. Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in years, but I'm having a bit of a makeup removal crisis at the moment and really need to ask some advice from you all about it. If you're not up for reading the details please skip the big paragraph and read from there to the end. So my issue is that I've had to change foundations because the one that has been my steadfast foundation for years has been discontinued (grrrr). However, the new one I've found is much more stubborn to get off than my
  4. Hey, I'm not actually on the spironolactone anymore. I did get pretty good results after about 8 months on it, but the side effects were too much for me on the dose that worked for the acne (150mg) so I ended up switching to roaccutane instead x
  5. Thank you for your reply. I'm on Dianette which is what cleared my skin last time. It doesn't seem to be clearing it this time but I don't see how it could be causing it to break out either.... it's supposed to be one of the ones that's really good for acne. I eat a very low sugar diet, no dairy or red meats, low GI wherever possible.... I'm so picky about my food that again I don't see how it could be that. I have a cyst on my forehead right now, at the end of month 5. It's so demoralising. I d
  6. My side effects are dreadful. She thinks when I'm on 10mg my body is responding like I'm on 40mg and when I stupidly upped to 15mg it reacted like it was 60mg. So yeh, she thinks I'm really sensitive to it. Problem is my face isn't. My hair and body can barely handle 10mg (my hair is still falling out like crazy and my ears and lips are so dry they regularly bleed) but my face is still breaking out horrendously in month 5. So I feel like my face needs 20mg and my body and hair can't even tolerat
  7. Week 19, Month 5. Had thought there'd been some improvement but now have a huge one on my forehead that's so sore. Hair still falling out loads too. Absolutely had enough now. It is never going to get better. Wish I'd never touched this horrible drug.
  8. Week 17, so Month 5 now, and still breaking out and losing tonnes of hair..... When will it stop?!
  9. Week 16. Had to go back down to 10mg because the hair loss I was getting was genuinely insane. My hair is so much thinner now and it's still falling at a crazy rate. Going to have no hair left at all if I'm not careful. As for the skin..... still no improvement!!! I want to give up on everything, it is clearly never going to work for me.
  10. Week 12. 15mg. Still making my skin significantly worse not better. I am so disheartened. My skin looks so much worse now than when I started the drug 3 months ago. Is an initial breakout really meant to last this long?! Losing all faith that the supposedly amazing drug of accutane is ever going to work for me, all it's done is made things worse and given me a tonne of side effects on top.
  11. Even when the antibiotic effect of Lymecycline fades it continues to work as an anti-inflammatory, so people can have good long-term success with it because it reduces inflammation indefinitely.
  12. It's very common to take the pill and spiro together, especially as spiro can sometimes mess with your cycles. So I would personally go for it, but make sure it's a pill the helps acne rather than makes it worse! (eg. high estrogen + antiandrogen like Diane, Yaz, etc.) Also, although I saw some improvement on spiro in the earlier months, it didn't start really working properly for me until months 6-8. It was a long drawn out process, so anything that can help it along a bit would be a good thing
  13. Getting worse every single day, especially since I increased to 15mg on Tuesday. My dermatologist said that would help but all it's done is make things even worse. Really feel like giving up.
  14. Thank you so much, it really helps to hear your story and know others have experienced similar disappointments but eventually been successful! So good to hear you're pretty much clear now. Right now I have a horrendous cyst on my forehead and it looks so disgusting, I am so disheartened to be getting this in week 10 when before I went on accutane I wasn't even getting ones this bad at all. I just increased my dose to 15mg yesterday so am really hoping that might make a difference to my skin (wi