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  1. I'm not sure if it was the tetracycline I've been taking for 2 1/2 months, the creams I've been using for 2 months, hormone levels decreasing, or the warm weather but whatever it was I am grateful! My skin is so much better :D
  2. From the album: Thank you life!

    I make sure not to wear much makeup at all to prevent from clogging my pores but I always use a BB cream called Skin 79. If you have acne caused by makeup then you should definitely consider a BB cream. (The ones from Korea are cheaper than the new ones from England)
  3. From the album: Thank you life!

    I always keep my bangs out of my face now since I have nothing to hide. A little makeup and I'm all good to go.
  4. From the album: Thank you life!

    It's not bad at all! Barely noticeable when I wear makeup and I'm able to not wear any makeup around friends at times!
  5. From the album: Annoying Breakouts

    I'm even breaking out on my forehead, chest, shoulders, and back! At least my cheeks are some what clear. I can't wait until I can try antibiotics, I'm literally counting down the days!
  6. 0beckster0

    Annoying Breakouts

    These are the reasons I have no self-esteem. I refuse to show my face/body with this kind of skin!
  7. 0beckster0

    This is BAD

    From the album: Annoying Breakouts

    I can't believe how bad my skin has gotten! This is extremely embarrassing for me especially around my friends who all have near flawless skin. I always get terrible acne around my mouth and everyone notices!