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  1. Okay fuck everything I'm done with this. You won acne, take a bow I'm beaten. But seriously fuck everything. Not just acne, I'm done with life. I said I'd wait until I get my exam results in August but na fuck it I'm sick of hurting. I'm sick of waking up just to get more depressed about everything. I'm sick of pouring my heart out and getting no where. I'm sick of having nothing except my prayers. I'm sick of people judging me when they don't know me or frankly they don't give a shit about me.
  2. I'm contemplating starting this again. It got me clear once but then when acne came back it just didn't work properly again. Left me with dry bleached skin which resulted in painful fleshy bumps. Since then I've been doing water only until this morning where I washed with a plain bar of soap. Don't know where to go from here....
  3. Day 3....it's all gone horribly horribly wrong. My diet has been shit this week too. Paying for it badly. Day 3....it's all gone horribly horribly wrong. My diet has been shit this week too. Paying for it badly.
  4. Okay guys fück this I'm starting again. I haven't caved in nor will I (I'm not bullshïtting ye I actually havent) but I'm just not getting anything from being at day 100+. I've reached my goal and I'm afraid to cave in. To tell the truth I did m it yesterday but it was an experiment really...but I stopped half way so no ejac and no full horniness either...anyway I stopped waited 5 mins then I examined my skin. It got flushed and what did you know I woke up with fleshy bumps this morning. Thats g
  5. Day 100!! Damn it's finally here Thanks man!! Now it's your turn you're doing good dude, just focus on beating your record and don't look back from there Hey there! Good to see another dedicated person here!! All the best with your abstinence...well yeah definitely I've seen and experienced both physical and physchological effects from this. On the physical side of things well after one month of doing this I defo noticed positive effects. Like fewer breakouts, the breakouts I still go
  6. Great to see another on board and dedicated!!! I'm contemplating whether to just cave in and start again for the sake of seeing does it still affect me but obviously I'm cautious about 'doing it'. Lol if my friends or even me last year saw this or my attitude they'd/I'd fucking wet myself laughing. Such is life I guess :/
  7. Day 99. Should I cave in now hmmmm?haha naaaa
  8. Sex isn't forced because technically it's a natural process and masturbation is unnatural in a sense. I'm not talking the whole sin type of ish but masturbation is an artificial stimulation and therefore stimulates and causes the secretion of an unnatural amount of hormones. This happens with everyon but only some ppl get affected by it. Thats why masturbation can't be a cause/aggravator for everyone. Sex is healthy you're damn right but it's natural and hormones are released in an adequate amou
  9. Day 97. Yeah me too in regards to diet. Gonna start bein stricter on myself starting monday.
  10. I'm thinking of going back to electric....but hey guys what do ye use in terms of keeping the shaver clean. Brushing off the hair/skin/dust isn't enough for me...I'm really conscious I was thinking watered down Dettol/Antiseptic to clean the rotary blades and what not??? And also just shave dry or what? I'm only 18 so I can't say I've loads of experience with shaving so pardon me for the stupid questions haha..thanks
  11. It worked pretty good for me and it did clear me once but I stopped using it because I wanted to go fully natural plus it made my skin dry and flaky kinda....I was actually thinking of going back using it but I dunno
  12. I used have tonnes of the little f*ckers on my nose until I found out about toothbrush exfoliation. Worked beautifully. All I did was wet my whole face and then wet the toothbrush, GENTLY scrubbed/brushed/whatever my nose and rinse after a few seconds and go again. I did this daily because I was doing it on my whole face. Then I stopped after a month because I changed my regimen. The blackheads came back in tiny numbers but then went away naturally. I might have a few now on my nose but it's as