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  1. Hey guys, I was on the regimen a while ago but slowly made subtle changes to it as I nearly became acne free. My regimen (same in AM and PM) goes something like this: 1. Cleanse Face (Using cetaphil daily facial cleanser) 2. Moisturize with cetaphil lotion and apply aloe vera gel within 5 minutes of cleansing 3. Wait 10-15 minutes 4. Spot treat problem areas with Dan's BP My main question is whether or not I should use both moisturizer and aloe vera gel? If not, I would prefer to
  2. I realize everyone is different and we all may have different trigger foods that may cause a breakout, but I believe I've found a big one for me. Even if this helps just one other person to help prevent breakouts, I think it'll be worth it. I noticed that whenever I eat bacon, yes delicious bacon, I tend to get a pretty bad breakout... Just thought I would share this info in case it could help anybody else!
  3. Nope, I just use the Walmart Equate brand. Just make sure it doesn't have alcohol in it.
  4. Just wanted to update everyone, it' been only about a week and the aloe vera gel is DOING WONDERS!!!! A quick back story on how I got to where I am. I used the DKR for about 4 months until I was finally 95% clear other than the red marks and PIH. About a week ago I decided to start a new regimen to heal my face. Let me first tell you, YOUR RED MARKS WILL NOT DISAPPEAR UNTIL YOUR FACE IS HEALTHY. I kept on trying to use the DKR (meaning tons of BP) and I wondered why my face wouldn't heal.
  5. I had an insane amount of red marks on my cheeks after an acne treatment course gone wrong, along with overall redness. Just less than 3 months ago I started using a product called Nature's Aid which is just a mixture of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, and Rosemary. I'm certainly not clear yet but I think the progress I've seen in less than 3 months of using this is pretty miraculous considering just how bad my marks were before. Now they are way more faded and at this rate they
  6. So other than the annoying red marks, I'm about 95% clear with just 1-2 active pimples. I want to start trying to treat these marks, but am not sure where to start. Has anyone ever used aloe vera GEL and did it help the fading?? Also, how would I work this into my regimen. I'm still following the DKR almost exactly (only difference is using 1 pump BP instead of 2). Should I apply the aloe vera gel on my face after moisturizing or what? Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. At max I went up to 1.5 pumps of BP each morning and each night. As of right now I'm using 1 pump each morning and night. I apply BP twice a day. Everything about my regimen is the exact same as the DKR except for instead of 2 full pumps I just use 1.
  8. I've been reading these message boards ever since I've started the DKR in January, but its not until now that I've decided to share my story and hopefully encourage those of you struggling with acne. All throughout high school and my first year and a half of college I was pretty much acne free. I would get the occasional pimple now and then, but nothing serious. Then, towards the end of the first semester of my sophomore year in college I started breaking out terribly. I didn't make any ma