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  1. I did exhaustive research, and I narrowed it down to these two: 1. Dimaluxe: Blue and Red Acne Lamp for $250: 70 LEDs. The company makes professional medical equipment. http://www.acnelamp.com/product.php?id=1001 or 2. Bright Therapy BTsr11A with 3 heads, $129. A few companies selling the same device under different brands (Sirius, Acetino, etc): http://www.brighttherapy.com/acne-skin/acne-lamp-led-green-red-blue-infrared-led-cluster-with-3-detachable-treatment-heads.html Bot
  2. I hear you, but you could make the same argument against sleep or diet or exercise for acne... In my experience, it is true, exercise works for a while, then the acne becomes "resistant" and comes back, meanwhile you have to keep exercising at the same level to stay where you started... I'm not saying don't exercise, but I'm not sure it's an argument against antibiotics in favor of exercise...
  3. This link should be a sticky on all these boards Correlation does not imply Causation http://en.wikipedia....imply_causation Example 1: As ice cream sales increase, the rate of drowning increases sharply. Therefore, ice cream consumption causes drowning, so we should stop selling ice cream and drowning will decrease. Example 2: Every time I fall asleep with my shoes on, I wake up with a hangover. Therefore, falling asleep with one's shoes on causes hangovers, so I will stop sleepin
  4. Good luck, there is help out there... but yeah it sucks! I am going to college and started a retail job bec its flexible w/ my classes, and there are all these beautiful salesgirls and customers with perfect flawless skin, which I used to have, and I am obsessing about it more too... I've been using this light therapy device for a couple weeks, it is helping, and not as pricey as some others http://www.brighttherapy.com/acne-skin/acne-lamp-led-green-red-blue-infrared-led-cluster-with-3-detac
  5. You're lucky, although i'm sure you didn't think so at the time My mom wasn't quite as strict, but was always giving us fruits and vegetables and tofu etc, i ate terribly as a child when i could, but now my diet is plant-based, lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, etc, no fast food ever. In part I thank my mom's early exposure to healthy food...
  6. I think I'm the only one! But on a serious note, I see people with acne here, just not terribly often compared to other areas in the country though. I think the reason for this is that NYC just has in general so many beautiful, wealthy, healthy people though, especially in the nicer neighborhoods of Manhattan. Also NYC-ers tend to get a decent amount of exercise because we in general use public transport, have to walk a couple miles a day, etc. One thing you VERY rarely see in NYC is obese peopl
  7. Good luck. I'm the same age, acne is usually mild, every now and then moderate breakouts, but makes me incredibly self-conscious, to have acne at all at this age. Same thing with the oily skin. I look at pictures from when I was 15 or 16 and just don't understand what happened. Maybe all the years off and on BP or other antibiotics bred the remaining acne to be super-powered? I dunno, but I am also very tired of it. Using red/blue light device, seems to be helping but it is time consumi
  8. Agreed, back in high school, the semesters i played sports and ran daily my skin was always clearer than the semesters i did not play a sport. I try to run as often as I can, 20 min every other day, but so busy w. work and school that this is just not always possible...
  9. Well, the separate blue and red seems to be working, I have been using my Acetino Pro (same as Sirius Auora) for a week and there is definitely improvement over the blue-only tanda zap. I do blue first then red, but i don't have a combined light to compare it to. I suppose if a professional medical suppy company like Dimaluxe produces the acne lamp with combined blue and red light, the combined light must work too but i wish there were more studies with hard data we could look at. My next
  10. Hey, i'm not saying don't experiment with not masturbating or having sex, but there is such a thing as confusing correlation with causation... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlation_does_not_imply_causation
  11. I've been wondering about this... There were some posts about the light therapy maybe not working as well when the Blue and Red lights were combined at the same time, something about the wavelengths causing interference. But then some people said this didn't happen... Either way, for now I ordered a device with separate heads, but was thinking about eventually getting the $600 triple head Red/Blue acne lamp from dimaluxe, so... need to figure out whether blue and red at once works the same way
  12. Good luck banana.b My bright therapy SR11A is in the mail, its in Kearny NJ wherever that is. Until it arrives I am still using the Tanda Zap every day. On the actual acne areas I use it 4 minutes morning and 4 minutes at night. I do notice a better effect using it longer, although no company I've seen recommends more than 15 or 30 minutes per day total. When I get the SR11A (identical to Sirius Aurora, prob same manufacturer I am guessing) for the first few months I will use Blue Light
  13. Which one? Did you use it daily? You might be in the 10% of people who don't respond to blue light then. It's been working wonders for me, and just the little Tanda Zap so far.
  14. I ordered what appears to be the exact same thing as the Aurora, from bright therapy for $129. A few companies selling the same device under different brands: If the light therapy continues to work, I will probably get the triple head acne lamp for $600 when I can afford it. The company says the LED's last 100,000 hours, and they make professional equipment as well. So far I am a convert, after just one week with the Tanda Zap, my skin (mild to moderate acne) is 75% clearer than it
  15. After buying a Tanda Zap and determining that blue light works for me, I've done a lot of research, and have narrowed it down to the following: 1. Dimaluxe: Blue and Red Acne Lamp for $200: 70 LEDs. If money were no object, I would buy the triple head for $600. Reasoning: This company makes professional medical equipment. If money were no object, would also consider the Britebox for $700. 2. Bright Pad by Bright Therapy for $200: 36 415nm Blue LED lights, 36 red, and 12 infrared LEDs, fo