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  1. poptartie

    Let's Gooooo

    Hi It makes such a difference to find a doctor that you like and trust. My last derm was a weirdo, but I love my doctor now. I totally trust him. As a male, your requirements for ipledge are not the same as a girl's. Will you be getting a base line blood test (to monitor your liver and whatnot) prior to your appointment? Your doctor may want that before you start but you won't have to wait a month (like girls and their pregnancy tests). But I'm not sure... My top 5 recommendations: 1) C
  2. poptartie

    Lacking Emotions

    You sound a lot like my brother. He is a 20 year old genius and serious underachiever. He started out doing extremely well in college and then it all went wrong. He became very apathetic and no longer had passion for the things he once loved. Writing, film, music, friends...Nothing. Flat. I wouldn't say he seemed depressed per se, he just didn't give a shit anymore. He flunked out of school and started smoking a lot of pot (and other crap, which was so unlike him before) and he would do this al
  3. Never broke out MORE, it was just weirder...My acne was a different type and in different places. They came quicker and healed quicker too. That started a couple days in and continued for around 3 weeks or so. Began to clear around the end of the first week of month 2. My acne was never as bad as it was the month before I started. But then the PIH (dreaded red spots) became more noticeable during month 2. Three months in now and I could not be happier
  4. I like Vaseline for some things but not for others. I have heard people say that it causes breakouts for them, I've heard people say that it heals zits. I agree that it is up to the individual to see how it works for them and for what purpose. Let's be honest, the simple act of living and breathing means we come into contact with millions of things that can potentially harm us. Some people will react, some people won't. My great-great grandmother lived to the age of 106. She swore by Vaseline a
  5. poptartie

    Odd Rash All Over Body, Help!

    Hmmm....Is it itchy? I had a slight rash during my first month that was itchy and patchy like yours only the bumps were smaller (and my thighs were not as white. haha). I used Cortisone 10 Eczema lotion for a couple of days and it cleared it right up. Don't know if it's the same thing (there a hundreds of different kinds of rashes) but it's worth a try maybe....?
  6. poptartie

    Foundation To Use On Accutane

    I wish I could learn how to use a foundation brush! I might look into this makeup for when I need more coverage, but for a slightly lighter option I always recommend Boscia BB cream. I used it when I had acne too. I love it because it covers pretty well without being heavy like a foundation but it's thicker than a tinted moisturizer. AND it's actually VERY GOOD for your skin! Doesn't (shouldn't) clog pores. Feels great and looks natural if the color works for you. It only comes in one shade (wei
  7. poptartie

    Accutane Virgin

    Stay positive! After you start the second month and your body has a chance to adjust to the increase you will hopefully see some improvement. Be sure to discuss with your derm the extent of your itchy dry skin. He (she) can probably give you the best options. It does seem odd that your face is so dry but your lips are not. Anyhow, hang in there!
  8. poptartie

    Starting Tonight! Roaccutane Log

    I totally get that! "UH, I can't hang out tonight because I have baseball" **4 hours later. Me: "Hey, what's up?" Him: "Not much, I'm just hangin out with JIM playing XBox" Are you serious? AGAIN? This is like the 4th time this week! Forget it... Try this: When you talk to him, make it as matter-of-fact as possible with as little emotion as you can manage. Just present the facts as you see it. "This is what I feel, this is what I need. What is it that I can do to improve our relationship (so h