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  1. Yeah I know but I like her and she knows me and if I have to do accutane gain she made it easy and she was so reasonable. I don't want to have to explain my entire story again and then go on all these meds or topicals because they want to see how they work. New derms usually just don't let you jump right to accutane.
  2. Hmm I guess I would say this is mild for now, I hope it stays mild or goes away but I'm just so nervous to try something else and make it way worse because I've had that happen too many times before. My cum dose was 8400 over 6 months and I'm 57kg so I'm in the range 120-150mg/kg that they suggest. I always tried to take it with food that had fats in it because vit a dissolves in fats. Are you currently taking accutane?
  3. Soooo I started breaking out last week on my left cheek and right now I have about 4 small red spots and one med size spot in the middle of my left cheek. I ended a 6 mon course of accutane in sept 2012, so about 3 months ago, which cleared me except for marks. my oily skin came back in oct so after a month being off of it which i can deal but now more spots mean more marks. I'm seriously really worried that my acne is starting to come back. I made a derm appointment to try to keep ahead of this
  4. Hey! About your cholesterol, mine is always high because of genetics but it went up to 246 so my Derm gave me the speech about stopping accutane and I get so frustrated. But I took fish oil( put in freezer so u don't get the nasty fish taste) exercise and cut out milk and decrease cheese and we did decrease accutane from 60 to 40 for that month and I got it down to 204 snd this is my last month so I'm back up to 260 for this last month thank goodness bc I just wanted to reach that recommended do
  5. Wow gluten free that's awesome congrats. Apple cider vinegar I have heard good things about through these boards and blogs but I am really nervous to try anything new in fear it will make things worse but I might give it a try, thanks for the advice!
  6. Ok so as the title says i started month 5 yesterday and had my derm appointment with some bad news. My cholesterol was high (246) so i has to go down from 60mg to 40mg for this month. I was bummed at first bc i wanted to go up to 80mg for my last month but im justglad i get to stay on it. My derm also said depending on my labs next month we could maybe do another month so we will see. Im just gonna be super conscious of what i eat and exercise more to see if that helps. I had high cholesterol to
  7. I'm goooood! Today is my last day of work for the week! I have four days off for my birthday weekend. I took off tomorrow (my birthday) and Friday so I could have a four day weekend. I'm excited, even though I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow besides going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant with my family. Happy early birthday kaydon! I hope you have a great day! And yaaay for the end of your work week, that's awesome to have 4 days off! I still can't believe 4th of July is in a week
  8. I've been using Neosporin ointment on both actives and healing spots. I know Betsy uses Neosporin cream, which is probably better since it's not as greasy. But I have a full tube of the ointment at home so I've just been using that at night. I think it helps a lot, or at least I like to think that it does. Wow I don't know if it's just me wanting to make the neosporin work but my two bad spots look ways better. Ive been avoiding the mirror all day until i absolutely had to because i wasnt lo
  9. How long have you been using the simple products? I was thinking about trying them out but I'm always nervous to try new products.
  10. Hey question for you all. I've read that some of you have tried neosporin over your healing spots, maybe that you've popped/picked at. Do you really think it helps. I have two that I'm trying it on now but I'm worried that it might clog the skin immediately around it or that it's pointless to even try.
  11. Great progress! Your skin looks amazing and has come a long way! I know how you feel about social situations, I've become the same way at I'm such a hermit now too but when we have amazingly clear clear skin we can pick right back up. I hope your exams went well and all that. Keep us updated because it's great to give everyone hope to push through!
  12. Beautiful disasters, not sure how to do that cool quote thing that everyone else does, hah. But I'm glad we're are so close in our courses together and hopefully we will be clear soooon, very soon. I have a blog not a forum or whatever and I also put my pics in my accutane gallery. But you guys have a great thing going on the board so I will definitely be following and keeping tabs on everyone's progress, full speed ahead! I've also been watching some YouTube videos on accutane here and t
  13. I'm on month 4 too, day 105 actually and I've been breaking out terrible this last week!! It's crazy and easy to get frustrated and annoyed that we are still breaking out kaydon! I feel like I always say this but acne has always given me ups and downs and false hope. I mean just when it's getting better all hell breaks loose. I find myself thinking if this spot goes away I'll be clear but then another spot shows up and another and the cycle goes on and on, my dreams are crushed. Plus let's not f
  14. Thanks I know I should really stay positive but it's just hard when my skin goes forward for a few weeks and I don't even think about it to a disaster with 3 red spots, it's just annoying. I hope you are one of the lucky ones! Good luck with the rest of your course too, hope it flies by,
  15. WOW, that's all I can say right now because I never thought my face would take such a backward step. I put pics in my gallery and obviously you can't see all the marks but you can see that enormous red cystic-modular whatever, I'm never good at classifying spots. And I just got 2 new small but red spots with whiteheads. I really can't believe this it's INSANE. they say month 4 is the magic month but uhhhh I'm halway through and this is the worst my skin has been in weeks. I was so happy last wee