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  1. You can clear acne without using any products. There are natural acne remedies that can help you clear skin acne. Anti acne products are optional, some skin really do well with chemicals and some don’t. Clearing acne naturally can take some time though but it is the safest way of clearing acne
  2. No, its all about how your persuade the employer to hire you. Let say I met this guy whi is working in a call support cmpany, he has bad acne problem but customer still loves him because he provide great support
  3. Cool article, i read your reply from my post. Thanks for sharing
  4. Thanks but I am looking for products that are in set like GBloom posted
  5. I am doing some research lately and I am wondering if someone can give me a hand. Based on your experience, what would be your recommended top acne products in general (package or kit ) 1. 2. 3. and so forth
  6. Haven't eaten much ,only loofah, dried commerson’s anchovy and 2 cups of rice. I hope i lose some few pounds . They say fat can cause acne too
  7. but if you convert the vegetable into juice, you went get the full nutrients that it from the sun, although juice is really good. By avoiding oily food such as saturated fats and nuts, you can prevent your acne from coming back
  8. jefrey

    Shaving Backwards?

    I used to shave backward but irritates my skin although it feels really nice. I have stop shaving and use scissor or razor to clean up my facial hair. Not really that smooth but still look okay
  9. Its not necessary but optional. You can see how will your skin react to it but I wouldn't be using two formula at the same time. Results can sometimes be different, if you know what I mean
  10. Here is the zeno you need http://amzn.to/AgTGQI
  11. i think you need to relax. Skins turns like that when your a bit stress. I also agree with orangees, my friend uses Avene and it really helps her reduce the redness
  12. i think so try ebay ph or if not you can have item ship here in the philippines . about 3-4 weeks before it arrive
  13. it's too scary for me to popup a cyst, I would rather go to a professional than say sorry to myself later
  14. Some products usually work that way, it is better to wait than do something that could ruin the process.
  15. 75%-80% of our body is made out of water and that will surely help make your skin hydrated and moisturized. Water helps but it is not a moisturizer