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  1. So for the past 3 months or so I had been living out in Mexico City, and been relatively acne free apart from the old small blemish. Since coming back home to England a couple of weeks ago my acne appears to have flared up again, horrible deep papules. No idea why this would happen when I'm suddenly back home - it certainly isn't exposure to sunlight etc helping me as I've seen more sun in England. Any ideas what could be behind it? There's obviously something driving the breakouts here
  2. As thread title. I have this papule above my lip for the past 4 days and it has shown no signs of changing into a pustule. Usually after 1 or 2 days top they have changed so I can pop them at they can start to heal. The length this one is taking is starting to worry me - is it possible for the bacteria to disperse and the spot to heal without it coming out through the skin surface i.e. popping it like I usually do? Thanks
  3. seems to have completely vanished now... anyone heard anything/got any suitable replacements?
  4. what's happened to it? seems out of stock nearly everywhere!!!
  5. will this be back in stock soon?
  6. thanks for that. might have to pass though, the shipping to the UK would be $45
  7. quite fancy trying this after doing some reading into it. although i can't see a list of ingredients on the site how does it compare to the acne.org stuff? i haven't tried their cleanser either but was looking at buying a bottle
  8. it did lather yes. t's kind of a prequesite i guess, as i said, i used cetaphil in the past and didn't really feel like i was getting clean. whether this was down to the lack of lather of product itself i'm not sure, but having a cleanser that did would definitely be preferred
  9. this is what i've been using did not know they were the same, but doesn't look like purpose is widely available in the uk. kinda wanted to move away from the above as it still was slightly too drying. think i'm going to try the neutrogena visibly clear gentle exfoliating wash
  10. how new on the market is the neutrogena naturals stuff? doesn't seem widely available in the uk and if you can buy it it seems super expensive compared to the US
  11. After a new cleaner after the Clean and Clear Truly Gentle one seems to have been discontinued - recommendations? I used Cetaphil in the past but hated the feel of it, it didn't make my skin feel "clean" and I didn't like how it felt when applying. Hard to explain, guess I'm just not a fan of non-foaming washes.